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Former Democratic pollster Pat Caddell nails it:

“The elite of this country has nothing but contempt and no respect for the American people who built this country,” political pollster and analyst Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Friday.

Caddell was responding to mainstream media efforts to undermine November’s election results with hyperbolic hacking reports, while also mentioning the recent efforts of several Hollywood has-been and B-list actors to beg electors to change their upcoming Electoral College vote away from Trump: “A group of Hollywood celebrities are calling on Republican electors in the Electoral College to disregard their states’ voting results and deny Donald Trump the presidency when the group casts their official ballots on December 19.”

Caddell said, “A lot of people have gone off the deep end,” adding, ‘They’ve lost their minds. They’ve gone crazy,” referring to the media’s reaction to the election of Donald Trump. “How dare the peasants rise up,” he said.

Concerning the Electoral College, he said, “My favorite, the Hollywood people telling electors that their job is to overturn the election results of a constitutional system, as if anyone wants to hear what those celebrities, who know nothing, who are airheads [have to say].” He went on to characterize it as insane and a total meltdown.

Yeah, pretty much.


Marie Blocher
December 17, 2016

Love this line:
“How dare the peasants rise up,”
ranks right up there with:
“Let them eat cake.” by Marie Antoinette

December 17, 2016

I still like the White House saying that losing your job because of Obamacare will empower you to make choices about your future.

December 17, 2016

I think I may have figured out the insane hatred being spewed by the media – Krugman, Ohlbermann, Maddow, Hayes, et al.

They are realizing that no matter what they say, or how they try to delegitimatize Trump, he just. doesn’t. care. So they have no power over him. They have been defanged, declawed. Because he truly Does Not Care what they think or what they say. They cannot drive the narrative.

Like a big brother who keeps taunting his little sister over and over again, but she does not react. So he continues to escalate the taunting and teasing. The difference is that there is no sibling affection in this game.

So I think this is what is driving them mad. They have been rendered totally ineffectual.

December 17, 2016

Carolyn, nor apparently do his supporters.

December 17, 2016

I think I may have figured out the insane hatred being spewed by the media – Krugman, Ohlbermann, Maddow, Hayes, et al.


I just ignore them bigly. I must get at least 5 Trump-hating posts from one of my co-workers daily, taken from such wonderful sites as Huffington Post, Salon, Slate, Daily Kos, etc. I finally sent him this and told him it might help if he installed in on his computer:

Anyway, here are the ones I got from him just yesterday:

Donald Trump and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Drumpf on Foreign Policy

The Emoluments Clause and Donald Trump (e.g., getting assistance from Russia was an illegal emolument and disqualifies Trump from office)

Cartoon of Trump trying to fly a 747 and reading the Owner’s manual

Trump’s Uber economy: more evidence that “making America great again” is a con game.

Buy American–or else: GOP plant to kill import cost tax write-offs has retail industries alarmed

Elaine S.
December 17, 2016

I dunno if it’s the crowd I run with or if I’m just lucky, but I have yet to meet a single person in real life who is in total meltdown mode over Trump, and I haven’t been subjected to much of that stuff on Facebook. Then again, I only have about 15 Facebook friends, and they are all very old-school and avoid talking too much about politics, even those who are obviously Democrats. I’ve only had to unfollow (but not unfriend) one of them.

There are several people I work with who are lifelong Democrats and so far all of them have carried on with their lives without any obvious hand wringing. I suspect it has to do with how they were trained years ago. My boss was once an Illinois legislative staffer and she has stated that she was taught to thoroughly examine ALL sides of any issue, no matter how controversial, and be prepared to argue either side if called upon to do so. She expects us to do the same as well.

Art Deco
December 18, 2016

Well, no. Most people do not follow public affairs and have only idle opinions about it. And, in any case, Democrats among our contemporaries came of age losing elections.

We have among our Facebook friends several partisan Democrats and two or three of them are wretchedly voluble and say almost nothing intelligent. They’ve been pretty quiet the last six weeks. Both are retired from jobs in higher education and have 4 post-secondary degrees between them. The wife has always been an adorable idiot (which her husband is not), but they’ve both been barely sufferable this year. I have been firmly instructed not to reply to them.

Steve L
December 19, 2016

And 4 voters went against HRC, Hollywood was that supposed to happen?

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