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Insert sunburn jokes here:

DeSean Jackson, a new member of the NFL franchise based in Washington visited St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, earlier this week to talk about the need to put an end to bullying.

And Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington football team (whose daughter attends St. Andrew’s) is under pressure to change its racist name.

What’s racist about “Washington football team,” Jim?  You’re a huge fan of the “Washington baseball team,” aren’t you?  Is that name racist too? 

I’m confused, Jim.


Dale Matson
May 9, 2014

Did DeShawn Jackson also drive up in a non “hybrid” car? Were his clothes made in a Malaysian sweat shop? Does his stock portfolio include Krugerrands? Jim, at some point, we are all hypocrites. Even you!

Jim, did you even have a point to make? Oh, you wanted to bring attention to the fact that your daughters attend a private Episcopal school. What’s wrong with the Government schools? Do you have something against the teacher’s union or a public education?

May 9, 2014

Dale, that is an Episcopal school which is in some ways worse than sending your kid to a government school. Think of the sacrifice you make when you send your kids to an Episcopal school (their souls). I should know as I was sacrificed to two of them when I was younger.

Dale Matson
May 9, 2014

How did you get reprogrammed? Were you kidnapped by Pentecostals?

May 9, 2014

Call ’em the Washington Palefaces to even up the racisms, then!

Don Janousek
May 10, 2014

I read it three times and I still don’t get it. Is “Washington football team” racist because Washinton owned slaves? Was “The Jeffersons” TV show racist because Jefferson owned slaves? Am I racist because I prefer vanilla to chocolate ice-cream? These libnuts need to be more precise in their use of language.

Bragging alert: Just returned from Omaha where my oldest son, Christian Lawrence, received his PhD. Amazing night. Oh, and btw, for those worried about the approaching Apocalypse, there are now three Janouseks running loose in Nebraska who are “Doctors” – Me, my niece and now my oldest son. Beware!

Christopher Johnson
May 10, 2014

What, no links to pictures? You don’t have to include any that contain you. No point in getting the ladies here all hot and bothered. 😉

Don Janousek
May 10, 2014

Mr. Johnson

I know, I know. But I posted some “revealing” pics on here before you tightened the rules re posting and I was overwhelmed by alot of blue hairs threatening to sue me for intentional infliction of emotional distress or explict emails in which they referred to me as a “toy boy” at age 66.

Also…when I was in Vietnam around Christmas 1969, our River Patrol Boat unit received a big box from an group of much older ladies from California. It was filled with cookies and candy and numerous pics of the ladies in sexy lingerie, garters, nylons, the works with great letters about how they supported us and hoped we all came home in good shape.

One of the greatest morale builders we had in Vietnam. Those ladies were are favorite pin-ups from then on. Very nice, patriotic Americans, which is, unfortunately, a rarity these days.

Don Janousek
May 10, 2014

Oh, and I Corps around DaNang did not allow liberty for sailors or Marines, so the pic of a naked female ankle would have us fantasizing for days!

Again, the ladies who sent the pics with all their homemade cookies and candy had to be in their 50’s or 60’s, but they were gorgeous and were having fun with us while wishng us well and were very much appreciated their actions.

Of course, now that I am 66, I consider a woman in her 50’s to be “jail bait.”

Still hopped up over my oldest son becoming a Doctor. Biggest event to me in 2014 since Mizzou won the Sugar Bowl!

May 10, 2014

Congratulations, Don!

May 10, 2014

I read the Naughton post again. Really, it is apparently for the sole purpose of getting in a condemnation of the “racist” name of the football team. You’re right, Chris, it’s a holier-than-thou moment.

Anti-bullying is a fine message. It really could be handled daily by religious instruction. All people are created in the image of God, and all students should be given the decent treatment which they would want for themselves. Too often the anti-bullying messages are designed instead to force students to approve of different behaviors rather than to teach them to treat people who are different with personal fairness.

Allen Lewis
May 10, 2014

Why don’t they rename the team the Washington Piggies and be done with it? I am tired of this fake controversy and PC bullying fest.

Congratulations, Don! Sounds like the Janouseks are ready to take over Nebraska! God bless you and yours!

May 10, 2014

Because, Allen Lewis, that would upset the Muslims. You can upset modern Indians all you want, and the worst they will do is not buy stuff from you. But the Muslims …

Ed the Roman
May 11, 2014

Don, you were in PBRs? The first looie on the Kitty Hawk when I got there had been, as well as the Bosun. I wanted to get into riverine when I went reserve, but no luck.

May 12, 2014

He said “Washington Football Team” because saying “Washington Redskins”

OMG! I committed an Episcopal Organization mortal sin!

May 12, 2014

Jim’s been holier than thou since the Archbishop of Washington told him his subversive activities were no longer welcome in the Roman Church. His minders in TEo have only encouraged him to be more subversive.

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