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Jim Rome has a name for guys like Kevin Slaten.  Likes To Fight Guy:

The local sports radio personality who bills himself as “The King” failed to appear in court Wednesday night on an assault charge.

Kevin Slaten, 58, of St. Charles, had been charged by Webster Groves authorities with misdemeanor assault in connection with a confrontation Nov. 12 at the KFNS (590 AM) radio station studios, 8045 Big Bend Boulevard.

Slaten was supposed to appear at 6 p.m. Wednesday, but he never showed up. Court officials said they had not received any correspondence from Slaten, nor from an attorney on his behalf.

With good reason.  Kev does this sort of thing a lot.

Slaten has had a history of allegations of altercations. In 1981, he was arrested after an altercation with a Florissant policeman. It’s unclear how the case was resolved. In 1993, he was found guilty of misdemeanor and felony assault for attacking a couple after a minor auto accident after a Blues hockey game. He was placed on probation and fined.

In 1994, he was arrested after a scuffle outside the Trainwreck Saloon in Rock Hill, but charges were dropped. In 2006, Slaten faced allegations of a fight with a patron at a pub about sports. Slaten said that the other man pushed him, and no charges were filed.

This story leaves out Slaten’s most legenday encounter, one that I personally witnessed.  In the early 1980’s, Kevin Slaten was a young sportscaster with a local television station.  He was also the public address announcer for the St. Louis Steamers.

The who?  The Steamers were an indoor soccer team.  In most places, indoor soccer was an oddity but around here it was wildly popular. (FYI.  If you should ever happen to meet my intense deaf friend Jim, whatever you do, do NOT mention the name Wichita.  It’s too complicated to go into but trust me).  Back then, the Steamers regularly outdrew the NHL’s St. Louis Blues.

Kev’s job was to get the crowd going and he was pretty good at it.  Until the legendary Buffalo Stallions came to town one night and one of their players decided to have a little fun at Slaten’s expense.

Which is something that you never did.  At one point, this guy received a penalty (they treated it like hockey), was sent to the box which was right next to the public address announcer’s area and the next thing that anyone knew, dude and Kev were throwing down.  Or trying to, anyway.

The St. Louis police eventually ended up escorting Slaten out of the building and the Steamers fired him the next day.  And the rest is (really embarrassing) history.


FW Ken
January 25, 2013

We used to play indoor soccer in Michigan! What fun! Walley-ball is good, too.

Dale Matson
January 26, 2013

Kevin Slaten is an example of an oral personality.

Dale Matson
January 26, 2013

FW Ken,
I was born and raised in Royal Oak.

January 26, 2013

Evidently St. Louis area sports fans believe in second, third fourth, fifth, chances, and so on. On the other hand, the guy doesn’t seem to have crippled anyone, so there’s that.

Steve L.
January 26, 2013

He is probably an advisor to Mrs. Schori on how to deal with the TRO.

January 26, 2013

Look, if you’re drinking in a place called the Trainwreck Saloon, is anyone surprised a free and frank exchange of views broke out?

I am surprised that he decked a cop and (apparently) got away with it, though. This makes me wonder – according to my mother, we have a missing grand-uncle (brother of her father) who came down into town from his mountain parish one weekend to watch a Gaelic football match. This being in the early 1920s, political feelings were running high, and the Gaelic Athletic Association was associated with the Nationalist movement.

A bit of a row broke out, a member of the local constabulary (the Royal Irish Constabulary as was still at the time) moved in to break it up and attempted to arrest my innocent bystander (at least, according to my mother) grand-uncle. Uncle declined to go peacefully and ending up breaking the policeman’s jaw with a punch.

He arrived back home and the general consensus of the family was that America would be greatly benefited by his presence, rather than him ending up in jail, so off he emigrated and the family lost track of him.

All of which is to say, I wonder did he end up in St. Louis and could Kevin (good Irish name, that!) be a distant relation? The more distant, the better, if this list is to be believed.


Scott W.
January 26, 2013

If you get a chance to see indoor soccer, DO go. It makes hockey look like an occasion where two opposing players are going to hop out of the rink arm-in-arm and go antiquing.

FW Ken
January 26, 2013

Reed City for a year, Dale+. Worked for Eagle Village Children’s Services.

Dale Matson
January 26, 2013

Nearby Cadillac….The ice box of Michigan. My family rented a summer cabin on Cadillac Lake. Great fishing! I once was fishing with my older brother and he let me throw the anchor out. I was young and didn’t realize that I had to let go of the anchor. I went in with it. My brother saved me from drowning. He became a janitor and I became a college professor. Does that tell you anything?

Mike the Geek
January 29, 2013

“he was arrested after a scuffle outside the Trainwreck Saloon in Rock Hill”

Trainwreck Saloon? You know, I actually wouldn’t mind having that line in my own bio…

Truth Unites... and Divides
January 31, 2013

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