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Write about the Episcopal Organization long enough and every so often, you’ll run up against something that stops you cold.  Seems that the Rev. Mark Bozzuti-Jones, who works at Trinity-Wall Street, just published a book entitled The Gospel of Barack Hussein Obama According to Mark.  Here’s how Bozzuti-Jones blurbed the book at

The Gospel of Barack Hussein Obama According to Mark is designed to initiate the reader into a meditation on what it means to be human, what it means to be a manifestation of God, and how Barack Obama is a unique and important manifestation of God’s desire for human flourishing. In a blend of words from his public speeches, imagined conversation, and fictional situations, the book highlights Obama’s real stance on social justice and, in particular, economic and political empowerment. It juxtaposes ancient Biblical form and contemporary reality, challenging the reader to see and seek God in all persons. “Our life-defining texts must be porous and we must be imaginative in our engagement with them. Let this book be a reminder not to so credit sacred texts or cultural icons that they lead us to hatred and violence in the name of God. When we see the Divine in another, we must name it. We must respect it. The practice demands nothing less than Love.

Um…okay.  If you use Amazon’s Look Inside feature and read the first few pages of this thing, you discover a book that is so over-the-top that David Fischler thinks it might be a joke.  I’m not so sure.  Over at Trinity’s site, Bozzuti-Jones comments:

This is a project close to [Bozzuti-Jones’] heart. “It means a lot to me because this is my first self-published book, and there is something special about that: a book like this is truly mine in the sense that I struggled with it, I wrestled with it, and I ensured that it saw the light of day.”

It may surprise some to hear that it is not meant to be a political book. “I have tremendous respect for all people, no matter which side of the political spectrum they are on,” Bozzuti-Jones explained. “That said, I do believe that President Obama holds a significant place in American history and world history. What Barack Hussein Obama has accomplished is the fulfillment of the constitution of the United States: that all people are created equal, and so more than any other person in the last decades he has fulfilled the American dream.”

The book comes from Bozzuti-Jones’ incarnational theology. “I think oftentimes, as Christians and as a world, we don’t give sufficient credit to what it means to be born in the image and likeness of God. I think if more human beings could see the divine in the other, they could recognize that human beings can point to the divine in each other.”

Normally, this is where I’d say, “I got nuthin’.” 

Look.  I’m the last person in the world who should ever complain when someone uses an unconventional literary form to get a point across.  But is something that is as perilously close to blasphemy as it is possible to be just another joke now?  Have the Episcopalians finally thrown off their universalist chains for the free and invigorating air of nihilism?

Thanks to a number of people for alerting me to this.

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July 13, 2012

Can you say “No longer a Christian”?

July 13, 2012

As the presidential election draws closer expect more of this kind of thing. They truly think they have to push the Kool-Aid this time. As for TEO, I think they’ve been breathing the “free and invigorating air of nihilism” for some time now.

July 13, 2012

All Hail the god-king!

Steve L.
July 13, 2012

first self-published book Anyone with a credit card can publish a book. You get to bypass editors and publishers. Occasionally twits like this figure out how to get people tom think they have a real publisher. Amazon don’t care what they sell.

July 13, 2012

Apotheosis of a human is idolatry at its worse. See very First commandment of the Decalogue.

Ipso facto, anyone involved falls outside the Judeo Christian tradition.

sybil marshall
July 13, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama, Mm-Mm-Mm….

sybil marshall
July 13, 2012

PS–God (the real one) help us…

Elaine S.
July 13, 2012

Here’s what Mark Shea wrote in 2008, though he clearly labeled and intended it as satire:

“Blessed are you, when men shall question you, and ask specifics, and seek all manner of policy detail for clarity’s sake. Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad: for so persecuted they the vague-minded which were before you. They shall drag you before TV cameras and microphones, and ask all manner of questions about specifics and you shall give testimony to me before the kings of the earth. But he that remains vague until the end shall receive a great reward in the Administration that is come.”

Clown Celebrant
July 13, 2012

CJ: Yes and Yes.

Ad Orientem
July 14, 2012

Some things simply defy parody and sarcasm. I think this is a pretty good example of modern day idolatry.

Bill (not IB)
July 14, 2012

The irony is, those on the left probably think this is something good, merited by Obama’s well-known shameless self-promotion. Yet if a similar book were to be written about, say, George W. Bush, the same left would decry it as narcissism and idolatry, failing to note that they aren’t exactly known for their commitment to humility or religious principles.

And it’s also interesting; Mark Shea more or less predicted this, and it came about in fulfilment of what must be the RC equivalent of Johnson’s First Law of Episcopal Thermodynamics. It really is true – no matter how “far out” or “wild” a thing you can imagine, eventually it will come to pass, courtesy of the revisionists.

July 14, 2012

PhD. Can’t be wrong!

July 14, 2012

Except that he wast’t. She is. I’m confused. I hope someone has a PhD.

July 14, 2012

A male with a hyphenated last name is reason enough to steer clear.

July 14, 2012


Dale Matson
July 14, 2012

BHO is a demigod. He is a repository for the projections of the inadequate. There are people in his campaign who play on this, portraying him as a bigger than life figure who will rescue the common man from rich and powerful despots. The reality is that BHO is and remains a blank slate which is great for those who project. There is even a kind of Robin Hood sense about him as he “spreads around the wealth” Unfortunately he is taking from everyone.

July 14, 2012

Well, future generations ought to be able to differentiate it from the canonical gospels simply based on the age of appearance of the text (self-published or whatever). On the other hand, there are always apologists for late imaginations of this sort: Pagels, Borg, Spong, Schori.

Kinda scary now.

July 14, 2012

We are the Borg… Resistance is futile… You Will Be Assimilated…

My new boss (13 months unemployment) has clearly stated that No Political paraphernalia will be displayed. That is why BHO stuff is cropping up, already. His stuff isn’t paraphernalia, it is a First Amendment right to voice your opinion and freely express yourself.

I’m digging out my I LIKE IKE buttons… see what kind of turmoil that brings up!

Gregg the Obscure
July 14, 2012

“What Barack Hussein Obama has accomplished is the fulfillment of the constitution of the United States: that all people are created equal” . . . at least they’re implicitly recognizing that he isn’t particularly accomplished, intelligent, moral, articulate, clean or otherwise possessed of any positive qualities other than his ethnicity, middle name and dogmatic purity.

[…] INSERT TITLE HERE | Midwest Conservative Journal Go to this article […]

July 14, 2012

Um, I don’t want to dwell on what the author of this agust tome would consider speck of a technicality, but that “all people are created equal” bit came from something called the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. But as is pointed out in the Amazon description, facts are but one component to the narrative – and not necessarily an important one.

Allen Lewis
July 14, 2012

Clifford –

You beat me to it. But we wouldn’t want FACTS to get in the way of a good narrative, would we?

Yes, this is idolatry of the worst sort. That and Episcopal priest indulges in it is not surprising. So many of them do that sort of thing these days that it is really nothing new.

July 14, 2012

Just the excerpts remind me of Jesse Jackson at the 1984 democratic convention. During his speech he applied John 12:32 “…If I be lifted up I will draw all men to myself…” to *himself*. The crowd swooned, screamed. They had absolutely no idea who he was quoting or what was being said. I was slack jaw amazed then, so this doesn’t come as quite the shock it might have.
If a right leaning writer said such drivel about any other politician it would be waved around (as it should be) as complete weirdness, cultic behavior, someone trying to impose a “theocracy”. Since it’s from the left there’s not a chance in the world it will be criticized. Since the president is aligned with PECUSA on “marriage” he can only be right. Look for the nobel laureate in their calendar soon. Some criticism works in one direction only.

Ed the Roman
July 14, 2012

“A male with a hyphenated last name is reason enough to steer clear.”

I hope in my case you make an exception. The Editor knows my name and can verify this.

I took the idea from my previous Commanding Officer. Sine he had also commanded 2d Force Reconnaissance Company, I thought it could be acceptable for real men.

July 14, 2012

Is it possible, numerologically speaking, to transcribe “666” as “WTF”?

July 14, 2012

Like ED the Roman, I plead on behalf of the real life, and sane, Borgs. I happen to be one. We are well known in Scandanavian countries and, believe it or not, in Malta, where if it is not the commonest it is certainly in the first three commonest surnames/family names, and now also establishing quite a niche in Australia. What the connection between Scandanavia and Malta is has been buried in history.

July 14, 2012

Oh, those pesky Vikings probably got there and as usual, left a seed or two… :+)

I see nothing wrong with hyphenated names… WIlfred Hyde-White…. Now if your talking 3 last names… Harrison Bentley Dallworth IV… then I have a problem…

To me the bottom line is this guy is a bozo who, with his American Express card publishes a book and hawks it on Amazon (this is the all-American story). This book is drivel, worthless claptrap, but why should that surprise anyone… The One is omnipotent and a really great guy who looks good in $3000 suits!

He is also an incompetent a&&.

But that is just me… I have been know to be mistaken… after all, I BELIEVED that Technical Sergeant when he told me that I would get to choose my duty station and he was Certain that I would get Hawaii!.

July 14, 2012

Not worthy of notice or comment.

The Little Myrmidon
July 14, 2012

“If you use Amazon’s Look Inside feature and read the first few pages of this thing, you discover a book that is so over-the-top that David Fischler thinks it might be a joke.”

Apparently the customer reviewers think so too.

Don Janousek
July 14, 2012

“Our Barack,
Who art also Hussein,
Obama be thy name,
Thy dole checks cash
Thy food stamps come,
From Maine to California.
Give us this day our daily slop
And make us pay our taxes,
As we make the 1% pay more of theirs.
Lead us not into capitalism
And deliver us social justice.
For thine is the Presidency, and the vacations and the golf games forever and ever. Amen.

The absolute level of clowndom being reached by fellers like this fool is beyond comprehension.

Of course, Newsweek “writer” Evan Thomas once said that “Obama sort of is like God hovering over all of us,” so the disease has been around for awhile.

Donald R. McClarey
July 15, 2012

A perennial question I think for the next few decades will be, “How in the world were Americans stupid enough to elect Obama president?” Books like the above tell the tale. Sometimes the majority of the people of a country simply take leave of their senses for a time, and that isn’t a bad explanation for the Age of Obama.

July 15, 2012

Oh, come on, Barney. Half of Southern men, and lots of the women, too, have a string of last names, one of which (usually the second) is the name by which they are called. Think of the U.S. Open winner, Webb Simpson. Or, although he’s not a Southerner, Willard Mitt Romney.

July 15, 2012

Katherine, I lived in South Alabama for a number of years and am very familiar with the naming rites… I was in school with Belvedere Chauncey Williamson IV… who was known as Ivy, his dad was Trey.

I was poking fun at the typical Whiskeypalian minister of early 20th century America, they all seemed to have 3 last names… BTW Ivy became a Methodist minister just like 5 generations of his family…

Allen Lewis
July 15, 2012

“…challenging the reader to see and seek God in all persons.

Typical Episcopalian Gnostic goo, there. This is a heresy a lot of revisionist priests embrace.

I think Bozutti-Jones is deadly serious about this.

July 15, 2012

The title of the book reveals the tendency towards extreme narcissism. He wants to make himself on the same level as St. Mark the Gospel writer. Get a life bobo.

July 15, 2012


He has a life… he is a legend in his own mind!

[…] Go here to read the brilliant rest.  A perennial question I think for the next few decades will be, “How in the world were Americans stupid enough to elect Obama president?”  Books like the above tell the tale.  Sometimes the majority of the people of a country simply take leave of their senses for a time, and that isn’t a bad explanation for the Age of Obama. […]

Gregg the Obscure
July 16, 2012

Well, this sounds like a foundational text for Otheism (just imagine the Obama-goatse logo in place of the letter O and do not, whatever you do, google goatse – it’s a visual that’s nearly as disgusting as Obamarrrhoid beliefs).

July 16, 2012

More from the “New Exodus”:

Thus sayeth the Pelosi: (King Barack Hussein Version Version, also compatible addition to Koran)

Thou shalt honor thy Democratic-Party government and all socialist governments shalt thou respect.

Thou shalt not pass a budget.

Thou shalt have Obama’s back.

Thou shalt bear false witness against conservatives and all that clingeth to their guns and religion.

Thou shalt covet thy neighbors salary, his education, his car, his i-phone, his video games, his large plasma TVs, his time-off, his lavish vacations and everything that belongs to thy neighbor. For so as thou have been given money, so must thou take money from thy neighbor’s wife or his ass or anything else that belongs to thy neighbor.

Thou shalt know what is in it after thou passeth it.

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