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Why does current political debate in the United States seem so incredibly corrosive?  Many on the left believe that racism drives what it considers to be an almost psychotic hatred of Barack Obama by conservatives.  

For its part, the right insists that Mr. Obama’s skin color is irrelevant.  The fact that he is the single most politically radical president this country has ever known and someone who views the US Constitution as an obstacle to be overcome is the only motivation for conservative opposition to him.

What used to be called American journalism is generally understood by anyone who can read or hear as being the propaganda department of the Administration while guests and hosts on MSNBC and other cable networks no one watches routinely slander conservatives and Republicans with truly ugly enthusiasm.

Bookmark and regularly visit this site or this one if you want examples of what whores much (but by no means all; as far as I’m concerned, Jake Tapper is one of the finest journalists this country has ever known) of the American news media has become.  Or click here if you want to know what leftists really think about conservatives.  But if you do that, make sure your kids aren’t anywhere nearby.

Are things really as bad as all that?  I’m not sure.  The kill-or-be-killed rhetorical hatred has always been there and has been there from the foundation of the Republic.  Anyone who knows anything at all about American history knows that acidic American political attack pretty much began the day after Cornwallis’ surrender at Yorktown

But with cable TV, the ubiquity of the Internet and the prominence of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, more people have more chances to read and hear more examples of it for themselves.  And what terrifies people about the ferocity of American political talk these days is that someone will take things to the next level and move from violent words to violent actions.

Come to find out that someone already has.  Meet Brett Kimberlin:

Once dubbed “The Wizard of Odd” by Time Magazine, you may recognize the name Brett Kimberlin for much more than Justice Through Music or Velvet Revolution, especially if you’re from Indiana. That’s because in 1981, Kimberlin, then the owner of vegetarian restaurant Good Earth, was finally convicted of a week-long bombing spree in Indianapolis, IN in which eight separate bombs caused extensive property damage, destroyed a police cruiser, and severely maimed a man, which eventually led to the man’s suicide. Kimberlin’s story has so often been overlooked or understated by the national media, which unfortunately all but failed to follow up on what were later proven by the same journalist who first reported on his story to be mistruths. But locals to IN know exactly what happened and have never forgotten it since. It’s time the public got the full story.

Infamously known as “The Speedway Bomber,” Brett Kimberlin exploded his eighth and final bomb on September 6, 1978, which nearly blew off the right leg of his victim, Carl DeLong, and seriously injured the man’s left leg and right hand, causing his leg to be amputated. DeLong committed suicide two years later, unable to cope with the pain and devastation of his injuries. The victim’s wife Sandra later won a civil judgment against Kimberlin for $1.6 million.

Police had immediately suspected Kimberlin in the bombing case. He’d been in trouble since high school, was a suspected drug trafficker and he was already the suspect in a murder that had occurred only months earlier.

But police still needed to collect more evidence in both the bombing and murder cases. After he was identified by a store-owner who’d unwittingly sold him the timer for one of the bombs, Kimberlin was subsequently reported to the U.S. Army by a nearby print shop owner who had become suspicious when Kimberlin wanted to reproduce military driver’s licenses. And when he returned to that print shop wearing a security guard uniform with an illegal Department of Defense insignia, an Army investigator was present to bust him for violating the law. Police used the opportunity to obtain a warrant to search Kimberlin’s vehicle, where they found the same timers and explosive chemical used in the bombs. A search of his family’s property also turned up a buried steel tank that contained 1,000 lbs of marijuana. Investigators later found that Kimberlin and some construction workers had purchased explosives in 1975 to blast away the area so they could bury the tank. Those explosives were the same as those used in the Speedway bombings.

While police continued to strengthen their case against him for the bombings, Kimberlin got arrested on drug charges in 1979 in Texas after a plane delivery of 10,000 pounds of Colombian marijuana went awry. He and several others had been building a makeshift landing strip in the middle of the desert and rented a small airplane to collect their cargo, which had been abandoned by its scheduled pilot due to bad weather. When caught during the drug arrest, police confiscated an arsenal of weapons that included a TASAR (brand new technology at that time), pistols with silencers, AR15 rifles, poison tipped bullets, and makeshift security guard uniforms.

The incident gave investigators additional time to piece together more evidence from the bombing case, as well as the details of the murder case in which Kimberlin was a suspect.

Eventually, in three separate trials, Kimberlin was convicted of the bombings and sentenced to a fifty-year term of imprisonment for manufacturing and possessing a destructive device, and malicious damage by explosives with personal injury. He received a concurrent twelve-year sentence for impersonating a federal officer, illegal use of a Department of Defense insignia, and illegal use of the Presidential Seal, and a five-year term for receipt of explosives by a convicted felon. He was also given a four-year sentence by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas on an earlier, unrelated conviction for conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Kimberlin’s sentences were aggregated by the Bureau of Prisons and treated by the Commission as a single aggregate sentence of 51 years, six months, and nineteen days.

Despite the evidence authorities were gathering, Kimberlin never would be formally charged with the murder. Still, he did serve nearly 17 years in prison for both the bombings and the drug case. After the conviction, more details were revealed about the case that unraveled a complex and creepy series of additional crimes that Kimberlin planned against numerous targets, most notably the chief government prosecutor, Bernard (Buddy) Pylitt, who happened to have political ambitions for governor. Indianapolis Star reporter Joseph Gelarden thoroughly documented the entire plot based on information and documents that were provided by the investigators after Kimberlin’s conviction. It reads like a fictional made for TV movie, complete with a hit list of “six to be killed, two or three to be roughed up and one or two to be robbed,” according to the article.

During his time in prison, Kimberlin certainly made a name for himself in a variety of other ways. His claim to fame as “the guy who said he sold pot to Dan Quayle” eventually hoisted him into the fictional character of political prisoner and supposed “victim” of the Republican establishment, a character the left was all too eager to create just before the presidential election of the senior George H. W. Bush. And while the pot-smoking allegations were later dismissed by the public as fiction, Kimberlin continues to this day to recycle that myth to the left.

After prison, Kimberlin claimed to have reinvented himself.

Having been released from prison again in 2001, Kimberlin now runs the Justice Through Music Project (JTMP), which describes itself as “an organization that works with famous bands to inspire youth to participate in the political process by voting and supporting civil rights.” IRS records identify JTMP as a community foundation “which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public 170(b)(1)(A)(vi),” under the classification of “Voter Education and Registration.” According to its most recent 990 Tax-Exempt Organization filing for 2008, on which Kimberlin is listed as a director, JTMP has received a total of over $1.3 million in public gifts and grants since 2005 for these efforts.

As we know, Kimberlin also co-founded Velvet Revolution with Brad Friedman of BradBlog. This organization is funded by, among others, the notable Tides Foundation. By 2007, Kimberlin had received notoriety as an “election and campaign reform activist,” monitoring voting processes and raising electronic tabulation issues. He runs the very organization that today is demanding the prosecution of Andrew Breitbart, Karl Rove, and many others who happen to oppose progressive policy, while often basing accusations on little else than opinion.

Between the time he was released from prison and today, Kimberlin has been involved in a number of progressive causes through his organizations. Among these are election and campaign finance reform, electronic voting investigation, immigration rights, anti-war activism, and a variety of other civil rights causes.

Matthew Vadum reports that some really rich leftists bought Kimberlin’s act.  Or knew exactly what he did and didn’t care.

JTMP has received at least $70,000 in grants from the far-left Tides Foundation since 2006.  The 2006 grant in the amount of $60,000 was for general operations which means JTMP could use the funds without restriction. The 2008 grant of $10,000 was also for general operations.

Another noteworthy donor is singer and liberal activist Barbra Streisand who has given JTMP at least $10,000 through her Barbra Streisand Foundation since 2006 ($5,000 in 2006 for general operations and $5,000 in 2008 for general operations).

Yet another is Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts).  Mrs. Kerry is CEO of the Heinz Family Foundation which has given JTMP at least $20,000 since 2006 (the grant was earmarked for general operations).

Why is this important?  It’s important because Kimberlin has targeted bloggers who have dared to bring all this up, among whom is Patterico.

“Terrorism” is a fair way to describe what Brett Kimberlin did to the town of Speedway, Indiana in 1978, when he set off eight bombs over the course of several days. Kimberlin has been convicted of those bombings, one of which blew off the limbs of a Vietnam veteran named Carl DeLong, who committed suicide as a result of his injuries. Brett Kimberlin earned the right to be called a convicted domestic terrorist, and he should not be marching off to court complaining about it when someone calls him just that.

It is beyond the scope of this post to detail every way in which Kimberlin’s peace order is misleading and deceptive. Kimberlin complains that Aaron spoke of purchasing a gun, implying that Aaron’s statement was aggressive — when Aaron actually said he had bought a gun to defend himself. Kimberlin claims that Aaron is responsible for “alerts” coming to his email inbox, suggesting Aaron is emailing him, when in fact the “alerts” Kimberlin is talking about are Google alerts. If you write about this guy on the Internet, he may run to a judge and say you are causing abusive alerts to come to his email.

You might say: what’s the harm in getting a peace order? I have watched this play out in other venues and I know just what Kimberlin is up to. As soon as he gets a “peace order,” he will run back to court the very next time Aaron mentions his name in public. That means that Kimberlin asserts the right to abuse the court process to harass Aaron — and if Aaron tells the world how Kimberlin is abusing the court process, Kimberlin will claim that as a violation of the peace order and try to have Aaron held in contempt of court.

Kimberlin and his crew have relentlessly harassed Aaron, me, and others over the course of the last several months. It is not harassment for us to tell the world what happened to us. It could happen to any of you. His supporters have outed or threatened to out commenters to this very site. They talk about wives, children, and fathers of bloggers and commenters. They ceaselessly abuse everyone they can who speaks the truth about Kimberlin’s past.

Patterico’s not alone.

Others, including Aaron Walker, and Breitbart blogger Liberty Chick have likewise been notified of lawsuits and other harassment for pointing out Brett Kimberlin’s background and sources of funding from prominent organizations like the Tides Foundation.

Robert Stacy McCain received a threat from Kimberlin that was so serious that he moved his family from their home.

Law enforcement officials have been made aware that convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin appears to be engaged in an attempt to intimidate me into being silent about his sordid criminal history.

Appropriate precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of my family and others who might be endangered if Kimberlin resorts to violence to accomplish his malicious purposes. At the urging of concerned friends, we have vacated our former residence and I am now blogging from a secret location which Kimberlin will be unable to discover or reach. Nevertheless, we sincerely ask for intercessory prayer, that God will send angels to guard us in this grave crisis.

Do the rich leftists who contribute to Brett Kimberlin’s endeavors know about his criminal past?  This post is one small effort to remove deniability.  Is Brett Kimberlin a genuine leftist or is he scamming wealthy suckers who don’t ask questions?  You be the judge.  Will Kimberlin come after this site?  I sincerely doubt that he’ll ever see this post but if he does, I have four words for him.

Bring it on, bitch.

UPDATE:  Ace weighs in.

It’s not this guy himself who’s causing the problems– no, not the guy who had a list of witnesses against him to be killed.

Not the guy who tried to pay off another convict to plant a bomb, of the exact same design as his own bomb, so that he could argue that cops “got the wrong man” for the Speedway Bomber.

No, it’s this guy who is the innocent victim of cruel right-wingers conspiring to besmirch his good reputation with smears.

Yeah, let’s make sure we make every assumption about Brett Kimberlin’s integrity and intentions in his favor. God knows he’s shown himself to be deserving of such assumptions.

Oh and by the way: He’ll also tell you that he committed an unnamed “crime” 34 years ago, but he’s totally upstanding now and stuff.

He’ll also tell you about his “secret exoneration.”

You know, like we have in America, a system of “secret exonerations” in which criminals are secretly absolved of crimes for which they were convicted, but, for reasons unfathomable, are kept “secret.”


May 24, 2012

Good for you, Chris. I hope this makes it out of the conservative blogosphere and into the news. There have been some convicts who have turned their lives around and become productive and valuable citizens. Think of Chuck Colson, may he rest in peace and rise in glory. But even Colson was subject to doubts from lots of people until he proved his sincerity over time. If I were running a foundation, I’d have someone investigating people who applied for grants. Seems that a simple Google search would have told the Tides Foundation, Streisand Foundation, and so on, some cautionary things about this guy. I hope the publicity makes them ashamed enough to cut off his funding. The intimidation campaign argues against any real character repair.

May 24, 2012

Thanks for doing this, CJ. I’m not a blogger, but my twitter feed will be alight tomorrow with this maniac’s name.

May 24, 2012

Why is that terrorist not sent right back to prison?

May 24, 2012

Wannabe, that’s my question. Why was he released?

Bill (not IB)
May 24, 2012


Kudos for posting this. I’ve been following it on several other blogs, and it seems that the news is rapidly getting out about Kimberlin. Nonetheless, given his past behavior, posting *anything* about him entails a very real risk. As always, creatures of the dark don’t like being exposed to the light……

Ed the Roman
May 24, 2012

I’m guessing he’s out because his time was up.

May 24, 2012

It was a 51-year sentence. He seems to have served seventeen.

Don Janousek
May 24, 2012

Big deal. Just “another guy in the neighborhood” like The One’s pal, Bill Ayers, and his honey, Bernadine Dorn, who once told a group how “far out” it was that the Manson folks killed “those pigs” and then ate a meal with the corpses in adjoining rooms. Both Bill And Bernadine are free and living high on the hog today.

And another New Black Panther talked with glee about killing all the “crackers” the other day.

It is amazing how the left, aided by the various propaganda ministries in the so-called “media,” can romp and stomp around this country. Does not bode well for the future.

May 24, 2012

With reference to the R word article and this along with some other stuff I have read, I have to wonder if there is a plan already set if Obama is defeated.

The loss of the election will be blamed on racism. These folks and others will agitate minority communities to start riots. They will then get to do a lot of bombing and other terrorist acts under the cover of the riots. Obama will declare marshal law and prevent the accession of the new president. The United States is then gone.

However, I believe the military will take its oath seriously and restore the Constitutional government of this country if Obama and company try to do something like this.

Martial Artist
May 25, 2012


I believe that you intended to write martial, rather than marshal, law. The former is synonymous with “military,” the latter designates an officer of the law serving in the U.S. Marshals Service, or the honorary person in charge of a parade.

Pax et bonum,
Keith Töpfer, LCDR, USN [ret]

[…] Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal links to several others.  Of particular note is Patrick Frey, who blogs as Patterico.  Frey has had his […]

May 25, 2012

Good heavens. Read this post on what Kimberlin and associates have done in the past year to a blogger in Los Angeles, merely because he had dared to publish information about Kimberlin’s past. Among many other things, a member of this disreputable group called the police pretending to be the blogger Patterico and said he’d just shot his wife, resulting in a terrifying SWAT team visit, guns drawn, in the middle of the night. Left-leaning bloggers have also been targeted. This is just sheer criminality.

Foundations and others funding these people need to stop it.

Allen Lewis
May 25, 2012

What a pleasant fellow. I wonder why he was released early? Prison overcrowding? It seems like he was such a bad character that the would not have been released for “good behavior.”

This is a dangerous and vicious killer. No wonder he is supported by all these left wing-nut foundations. They don’t care who they support.

Allen Lewis
May 25, 2012

With regards to BillB’s supposition, I would not put anything past Obama and Co. – especially the wildly incompetent Eric Holder. What really bothers me is that groups like ACORN and the New Black Panthers are being primed for such activity. Yet they call conservatives racists?

Dale Price
May 25, 2012

When authorities condone this kind of behavior, they are ensuring that someone is going to get killed.

Societies start to disintegrate in just these ways, and there’s precedent for it in our history.

May 25, 2012

Thanks Keith, you’re correct. It was late for me when I wrote that.

[…] Pyle, UK Telegraph blogs Doctor Zero: “Oppression fails when we stand together as one.” Midwest Conservative Journal […]

Donald R. McClarey
May 25, 2012

“Societies start to disintegrate in just these ways, and there’s precedent for it in our history.”


Jacob Morgan
May 25, 2012

But, but, but the Obama admin says that veterans are the likely domestic terrorists that need watching.

Guess it is because they don’t consider violence from the left wingers as terrorism. As any means used to move left are obviously justified.

[…] Midwest Conservative Journal […]

Don Janousek
May 25, 2012

Martial Artist

Correct-a-mundo. It is only “Marshall” law in Dodge City.

Jacob Morgan

I am a veteran, but most people who know me think I need watching for reasons other than my terrorist tendencies, e.g. my four children are worried that I am approaching the “wandering off” age.

[…] – I stand with Stacy. And Aaron. And Patterico » Midwest Conservative Journal – BRETT KIMBERLIN, DOMESTIC TERRORIST » small dead animals – The Murderous Left Share […]

FW Ken
May 25, 2012

If he served 17 years of a 51 year sentence, he should be on some kind of parole or probation, unless he was pardoned or it was a case where there was the sentence was on a range and he was released early. If he is on probation or parole, harassment and threats could be revocable offenses.

Take my comments for what they are worth. I know a bit about criminal justice in Texas, and less about a few other states and the feds.

May 25, 2012

Good for you, Mr. Johnson!!! Excellent post about a very shady character (to say the least). The ONLY thing I disagree about, being a dog lover (and whose mutt is over 14½ years, may she live yet a good long while) is calling this guy a bitch. [NO animal can ever be so lowly and evil (let alone lower and/or worse) as Mankind…]

Truly, it’s as if Obama is counting on wretches and spiritual-bastards like these to destroy the USA once he gives the order – I can only hope these things won’t strike internationally in the very same way so as to annihilate liberties elsewhere… God Defend those in the right, wherever they be – and it’s great whenever the wicked are exposed for who they are!!! Again, bravo to you for standing on the line with the persecuted and helping to shed the light upon the dark forces!!!!

[Still keeping my eyes on this great Weblog, even if I don’t post as much as I used to…]

[…] Midwest Conservative Journal […]

[…] Midwest Conservative Journal […]

May 25, 2012

FW Ken, I saw an interview today with R.S. McCain, the blogger who has left his home in Maryland because of this guy. He agrees with you, and thinks Kimberlin will end up back in prison. We can only hope it’s before he hurts someone.

[…] Midwest Conservative Journal – BRETT KIMBERLIN, DOMESTIC […]

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