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Greg Griffith jacks a walk-off grand slam into the seats:

I’m not looking toward General Convention 2012 with fear and trembling at all. I looked toward GC06 that way, and GC09, but now I look toward General Convention 2012 only with a knowing smile, and an odd but strangely comfortable sense of satisfaction.

And here is why:

Because I know what will happen in Indianapolis. I know who will gather there… and who will not.

I know what they will do, and what they will not do.

I don’t look at GC12 and wonder, “What will become of my parish?”, or “What will become of my diocese?”, and certainly not “What will become of the Episcopal Church.”

I know what will happen: The Episcopal Church will continue its free-fall into irrelevancy and incoherency. Around my diocese and my parish, there will be a few families who leave, but most of them will shake their heads for a moment at the shame of it all, cluck their tongues, then say, “At least our bishop won’t be allowing any of that nonsense down here. Nosirree…”

Greg has four words for people who think that.  Wake the hell up.

All the while, blissfully ignorant that he has no choice in the matter. Oh, he won’t have to cave to the gay cabal any time soon, and perhaps won’t ever have to. If he doesn’t retire in a few years, he’ll be left alone by 815 to serve out his episcopacy in relative peace. But if he succeeds in holding the line, he will, without a doubt, be the last bishop of his diocese to do so. If he or any aspiring candidate thinks his successor will be able to keep from authorizing gay blessings in his churches, he is sadly mistaken. Compliance to the New Order will shortly be a requirement for all incoming bishops.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter when the Episcopal Organization began to die.

Some say its fate was sealed when Gene Robinson was consecrated as Bishop of New Hampshire. Some say it was sealed when Bishop Righter was acquitted of heresy charges. Some say it was sealed when the Philadelphia Eleven were illegally ordained. Some say it was sealed when John Spong was allowed, with impunity, to go on a gay-ordination spree. Some say it was sealed when Bishop Pike was allowed to keep his mitre after denying the Trinity.

All that does matter is that the Episcopalians quite happily knocked back the hemlock with their eyes wide open.

He and his compatriots threw in with this agenda, figuring they had found their generation’s civil rights movement, and that all the warm social-justice fuzzy which accrued to that movement 50 years ago would accrue to theirs as well. They figured they would be heroes. They figured far more people would applaud them for their courage, and reward with them their presence and contributions, than would ever be alienated and driven off by the depravity and hollowness of their cause.

They figured wrong.

The decline in membership, attendance, giving, and legitimacy in the Episcopal Church has coincided with many things, but make no mistake: There is one and only one thing that has caused it, and that’s an abandonment of the core doctrines of the faith in favor of new-age spiritualism, and a celebration of sexual deviancy practiced by perhaps two percent of the country’s population.

Read the whole brilliant thing.

For my part, I think that on some level, I knew that the Episcopal Church was doomed at least a decade before I heard the name Gene Robinson.  That’s a tough thing to admit about the church your mother passionately loved almost as much as she loved you and made a point of having you baptized into.

But make no mistake.  The dark forces that eventually gave a pointy hat and a hooked stick to an unrepentant sinner began to dominate church affairs long before 2003.  As many of you have quite correctly observed in the comments here, Gene Robinson is inevitable in a church that tolerates John Shelby Spong.

I get that.  So why did I stay as long as I did?  Rationalization; traditional Episcopalians are past masters at that.  The prayer book?  Well it’s nowhere near as good as it was but it’s still Christian, isn’t it?  Spong?  He’s just some weirdo back east somewhere.  He has nothing whatsoever to do with us. 

The fact that you needed Billy Graham to explain the Christian religion to you?  Maybe so but I’ve picked up lots of spiritual insights here.  The general brain-dead leftism of the Episcopal Church these days?  All the more important for me to stay in as a testimony against it.  And on and on.

In 2003, rationalization, at least for me, was no longer possible.  Robbie got his pointy hat and my diocese and my parish heartily approved.  I could explain John Spong away by saying that he speaks only for himself, not for the wider church and that the best thing to do is to ignore the megalogmaniacal old fraud.

But when your church enthusiastically turns its back on the clear words of Holy Scripture, jettisons 2,000 years of Christian teaching as if it was yesterday’s newspaper, dynamites what little possibility of Christian unity there was and begins demonizing opponents of its course, when, in other words, people like Louie Crew, Susan Russell and Elizabeth Kaeton pull off their revolution, then God just kicked the last stepladder out from under you.

You have no more options.  So you can either stay where you are and continue to pretend that nothing’s wrong(my rector and bishop are perfectly orthodox).  Or you can read the signs of the times and admit that while your current rector and bishop are conservatives, their successors will be much more “moderate.”  Their successors will be more moderate still.  And so on and so on.

Eventually, sooner rather than later considering the Episcopal trajectory, you’ll reach a Sunday when, during coffee hour following his regular parochial visitation, your new “moderate” bishop tells your parish that he takes great pleasure in introducing you and your fellow parishioners to your new rector.

And his husband.

24 Comments to EULOGY

February 6, 2012

You have no more options. So you can either stay where you are continue to pretend that nothing’s wrong(my rector and bishop are perfectly orthodox). Or you can read the signs of the times and admit that while your current rector and bishop are conservatives, their successors will be much more “moderate.” Their successors will be more moderate still. And so on and so on.

Good point, Chris. One can see what’s happening in the Diocese of Virginia as an example. Bishop Shannon Johnston, Peter Lee’s successor, has given several churches in the diocese permission to bless same-sex relationships. For now, the diocese is supposedly tolerant toward those who disagree, and there are still a handful of orthodox congregations left. But what happens in the future when Chuck Alley leaves St. Matthew’s in Richmond; when Paul Walker leaves Christ Church in Charlottesville; when John Sheehan leaves Church of Our Redeemer in Aldie?

February 6, 2012

If the Reverend Grieser is worried about explaining why The Episcopal Church is performing same-sex weddings to his local paper – and as an aside, I really don’t see why he’s worried, as most papers seem to think it’s just the bee’s knees – then I pity him trying to sell transgender clergy.

Because that’s the next rung on the ladder, and at General Convention 2009 there was already a resolution about transgender rights, and we’ve already had the first story about Female-to-Male transgender clergyman (and his lovely wife and child – how can you object to a lovely wife and child?)

Never mind explaining why no, the ceremony for Bill and Ted was only a blessing, not a marriage (although yes, in the diocese next door they call it a marriage, but we don’t permit that here – yet), try explaining to your local reporter that we are gathered on this solemn occasion to bless the civil partnership of Bill who used to be Jill and Tracey who used to be Ted – oh, and next year, all going well, that will be the Reverend Bill so congratulations!

I apologise if that sounds too flippant about transpersons and their struggles and difficulties, but same-sex blessings are going to be the least of Reverend Geisner’s worries. He’ll be looking back nostalgically at the days when it was only a matter of having a few prayers and a blessing for Tom and Joe after their registry office ceremony.

Englishman Papistical
February 6, 2012

Chris- this post reminded me that, all other objections to Catholicism aside, we of the Church of Rome at least have the assurance that the Faith we embrace will be in its essentials the same for our children, grandchildren, and so on. Heterodox Catholic bishops of course are known and sadly tolerated, but it’s just a matter of time until they too give way to their replacements. This way is self-correcting, but sadly the Episcopalian way holds its own seeds of destruction. Some would say it has always been this way, since Henry VIII lit the fuse with his divorce. Sorry about that. We love you. Please come back.

February 6, 2012

Bravo, Greg, Bravo. Well written.

What happens when good, bible believing rectors move on? The new one swishes in with his entourage to rebuild the church and it failing mission!

What? No GBLT council? No GBLT on vestry? No Wikken services? No tea and cookies for the Occupiers? No liturgical dance with 6′ tall puppets?

WHAT HAVE YOU PEOPLE BEEN DOING? That Jesus stuff? Oh, how quaint!

FW Ken
February 6, 2012

It took 20-25 years to go from allowing the ordination of women to requiring it. How long will it take on the same-sex issue?

As late as 2000, I was watching to see if TEC would draw back from the cliff over which they were dangling their feet. 2003 was a gimme. Even today, when you see that decent men are in fact being made bishops (Love and Martins come to mind), you wonder if it isn’t valid to struggle on and outlast the dying liberals. But then you read something like Salve Mater by Frederick Joseph Kinsman, sometime Episcopal Bishop of Delaware and realize the inherent flaw, which is that a bishop has no real authority to stop heresy. You see the heretics gnawing at the vitals of relatively healthy dioceses such as Albany and South Carolina and have to remember the dictum: where orthodoxy is optional, orthodoxy is eventually proscribed. That is, I think, a fair summary of Greg Griffith’s post.

Well, I will be watching GC2012, mainly because I want to see how far they go. Will same-sex marriage rites be put in place? My bets are 2015 for civil partnerships and 2018 for “marriage”, with some preliminary groundwork now. But you never know. They will have the votes: will they have the nerve? Will someone stand up and object to the money spent on lawsuits? How will the criticism be deflected (and it will)? Even the libs in Pennsylvania got tired of Bennison wasting money, but they couldn’t get rid of him.

FW Ken
February 6, 2012

Just noticed Barney’s mention of the Occupy movement and want to share this bit of Occupy goodness:

The Lakeland Two
February 6, 2012

In one of those conservative dioceses, blessed – extremely blessed – to have a wonderful orthodox priest. But in the diocese they just don’t get that our days are numbered. Opportunities to advance are lost to egos. If you question, you are ostracized. Rather than take the energy of an engergized laity and putting it to good use, most of the clergy want to protect their interests.

Why stay? Because God is calling us to stay and breathe and speak His word and will to those around us. Don’t know what’s ahead, but we are being faithful to Him where we are now. We see God working in our parish and it is exciting.

February 6, 2012

while your current rector and bishop are conservatives

No, they’re not. Like Lawrence and Harmon they might think they they are, but they are deluding themselves. Like claiming it’s OK to be in the KKK because your local branch doesn’t hate Blacks, like claiming it’s OK to be in the Nazi party because your local branch doesn’t kill Jews, like claiming it’s OK to be in Planned Parenthood because you local office doesn’t kill babies.

No Christian can ever be a member of the KKK.
No Christian can ever be a member of the Nazi Party.
No Christian can ever be a member of Planned Parenthood.

And No Christian can ever be a member of the ECUSA.

Christopher Hathaway
February 6, 2012

a celebration of sexual deviancy practiced by perhaps two percent of the country’s population.

I think this overlooks the rather broad based embrace of sexual laxity in the general population of TEC, including easy divorce, extra-marital sex and the whole idea that there should be rules binding on Christians regarding to what they do with their bodies.

By the way, Chris, for dyslexics like me, who can jumble words together in the wrong order, your introductory line was a little shocking. 🙂

Gabriel Austin
February 6, 2012

I am not of your persuasion, but enjoy your comments on and take a perhaps unchristian delight in] on the inanities of your church.

“Feeling good” is not going to do it. You are almost in The Church. Why not take the next step? [Hint: Newman’s THE DIFFICULTIES OF ANGLICANS”].

February 6, 2012

FW Ken,

I saw that little bit of excitement… What can you expect from the liberal movements? If you disagree with them they will beat you into submission just to prove they have the moral high ground!

Allen Lewis
February 6, 2012

Yawn. Nothing new here. The liberal idiot is waking up to the fact that he has talked himself out of a job. If God doesn’t care what you do and everyone has their own “Truth”, then what do we need him for?

Good one by Greg. Thanks for pointing it out. I don’t frequent that site much anymore. What’s the point?

February 6, 2012

Excellent commentary by Greg, and you, too, Chris. The Rev. Grieser is presiding over an Episcopal parish in Madison, WI. That is a very liberal university town. It is the place where these over-the-top anti-Scott Walker protests have been ongoing. If he despairs in a place like that, it’s really and truly over.

Gregg the Obscure
February 6, 2012

TPTB in TEO and in the rest of the infotainment establishment have to push acceptance of buggery because it momentarily distracts them from the readily-visible consequences of having pushed contraception (added bonus: it lets them simultaneously feel smug as to how enlightened they are and surreptitiously look down their noses at the parade of folks who do things more depraved than they themselves do). They can’t bear to admit that mistake. The longer they put off that admission, the more damage they’ll do to the vestiges of civilization.

We’d be better off if they took up drink – or laudanum – as a coping mechanism instead.

February 6, 2012

I agree that TEC crossed an important line with its toleration of Spong and that made it clear what was coming.

FW Ken
February 6, 2012

Not all is doom and gloom in Madison, Wisc.

Not meaning to be triumphalist here, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to post the pic of the proposed building all day. Really beautiful!


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
February 6, 2012

Mr. Griffith knows that Jesus is Lord and He is in charge. Skippie probably thinks Jesus is one of several possible prophets and he is waiting on talking points from the bishop…

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
February 6, 2012

“I could explain John Spong away by saying that he speaks only for himself, not for the wider church…”

Actually, this can only work in a fairly strict congregationalist system. An episcopal system of governance requires a high degree of accountability through out the denomination. Unless repudiated by the wider church, a false bishop does speak for all. Pike and Spong become just as valid as Lawrence, Salmon, and Iker.

February 7, 2012

Following on the footsteps of that most tolerant and diverse church of that most diverse and tolerant nation” The Church of Sweden!!!!

Once you throw our Chrstian Doctrine and Tradition, you have thrown out the baby!!!!

Can there be a more Faustian contract then: “They figured they would be heroes. They figured far more people would applaud them for their courage, and reward with them their presence and contributions, than would ever be alienated and driven off by the depravity and hollowness of their cause”

The Christian repsonse is: “What does it merit a man if he gains the whole wrold but then loses his eternal soul”.

February 7, 2012

Crockodile tears if you ask me.

Just another narcissist priest. A significant number of them within TEC absolutely THRIVE on the dysfunction.

Since the cancer has now taken over nearly the entire body, this is just one priest trying to remember the good old days when they had a great time fighting against someone.

Pyrric victory howl. That is all.

Therese Z
February 7, 2012

Oddly related, but I decided that I can no longer buy Girl Scout cookies (sob! Thin Mints dipped in coffee!) Just because our local troop may not have bought into the close relationship to Planned Parenthood, and may still stress the individual achievements that served me and so many other Girl Scouts over the decades (it’s important for a dorky little girl, scorned by the popular girls, to earn the My Pet badge, or the Swimming badge), the national movement is getting terribly confused (transgender scouts, anyone?)

I still haven’t figured out how to say no to those appealing little faces outside the grocery store without going into a rant.

The “slippery slope” is something I didn’t recognize until I was a late adult, but they’re everywhere, aren’t they?

Daniel Muller
February 7, 2012

I would be more interested in following these bishops’ meetings myself.

And no, no more Sexy Girl Scout cookies. (I read that Walmart sells knockoffs; I suppose you can find them elsewhere, too.) There are other girls’ organizations that can be supported instead.

February 7, 2012

‘And No Christian can ever be a member of the ECUSA.’

Be that as it may, there are plenty of Christians staying in place … for now, in TEC/TEo. They hope to come up for air when the Barge of Filth sinks beneath the waves. Risky business. But a risk some appear willing to take. That ACNA is becoming more viable by the day, the Continuers, and also the new Ordinariate are never far from the minds of these stayers. Rest assured, the contempt for the revisionist junta which rules TEo continues to grow … both within as well as outside of it.

IB Bill
February 7, 2012

It’s nice to check in here and see how the ole TEC is doing. Fortunately, having left TEC after Gene Robbie’s ordination and the Anglican communion’s non-reaction called the Windsor Report, I walked away. Many years now. Never looked back spiritually after I swam the Tiber. But it is disturbing to see the good guys lost. The Leftists truly came up with a masterful plan to take control of the Church.

I saw it was early as 1993, when I was the only person in a roomful of Episcopalians who suggested that same-sex blessings weren’t Christian, and if you weren’t really ready to repent, you’re not really a Christian. But they pushed on, they and cohorts took over the parishes and the episcopacy, and ultimately, won. They weren’t bad people.

But they were subject to a very serious spiritual delusion and chose to believe it rather than the truth. I’m sorry they made that choice.

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