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I hope the Republicans don’t use the following information in any of their campaign ads next year.  Because that would be wrong:

There are fewer undocumented immigrants in California – and the Sacramento region – because many are now finding the American dream south of the border.

“It’s now easier to buy homes on credit, find a job and access higher education in Mexico,” Sacramento’s Mexican consul general, Carlos González Gutiérrez, said Wednesday. “We have become a middle-class country.”

Mexico’s unemployment rate is now 4.9 percent, compared with 9.4 percent joblessness in the United States.

6 Comments to THAT HAS TO HURT

Daniel Muller
July 31, 2011

I do not think that you will get most Mexicans to agree with most of these conclusions or statistics.

One exception: “Buying homes on credit” has always been easier in Mexico because the socialist government (cf. Infonavit) operates a large part of the real estate industry and essentially guarantees that working Mexicans will qualify to buy new houses. Fannie and Freddie on legalized steroids. Too bad about those variable interest rates, though.

“Access higher education” puzzles me, and I do know quite a bit about that. Maybe he is trying to say that there are more public universities than before. But this is largely irrelevant when we are talking about a general population that has studied an average of junior high. American immigrants are likely to have less. I believe that high school was made “compulsory” in Mexico within the last ten years. Plus, there are Mexican universities who offer low-cost (and, in my experience, low-quality) educational programs here in the United States.

What I do believe is that with the cratered construction industry, well-paying jobs for unskilled labor are in pretty short supply.

July 31, 2011

Change you can believe in! 🙂

Jim the Puritan
July 31, 2011

Si, se puede!!

August 1, 2011

Even as a foreigner I can only exclaim: OUCH!!!

Oh Obama: where is your Hopey-Changey!! Oh gosh I should have known: that evil man Bush stole it!!!

Martial Artist
August 1, 2011

If accurate, this could be the solution to California’s debt crisis. Ah-nold simply needs to get some TV PSAs on the air encouraging emigration to Mexico.

Pax et bonum,
Keith Töpfer

Smurf Breath
August 1, 2011

Oh man. If the socialists can not even leverage the proletariat to increase their power because the proletariat have left, due to their policies, what will the poor darlings do?

Imagine one forlorn socialist, alone in his mom’s basement, forming intricate theories about how he’d like to refashion the demographics of the world… but no one is interested. That’s where we’re headed if we don’t do something soon.

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