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And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love(1 Corinthians 13:13).

I was entirely prepared to hate yesterday evening in a major way.  My sister was getting remarried in the city of St. Louis, a place I detest and completely avoid unless the St. Louis Rams are playing.

The wedding wasn’t going to happen in a church but on the roof of some really expensive lofts(nice ones too; if it wasn’t in the City, I”d move in tomorrow if I could).  And I couldn’t find the place and didn’t much care for the idea of paying lots of money just to park my truck so I was growling at everything and everybody I saw.

I had to circle the block three times before I figured out where I was supposed to go.  But as it turned out, I didn’t have to pay any money at all to park the truck and I wasn’t late; my sister had, deliberately or otherwise, planned on people like me.

To put it bluntly, I blew a perfectly good bad mood. Yesterday evening was as much fun as I’ve ever had doing anything.

What happened?  Well, for one thing, the weather was perfect.  My immediate family was there so my oldest sister, my brother and my brother’s wife briefly got caught up.

My sister, who’s a year older than me, looked incredible and off-the-charts happy.  But what really brought everything home was the backstory.

I didn’t remember this but it seems that my sister and her new husband dated for a couple of years back when both attended what was then called Southwest Missouri State University(now just called Missouri State University) in Springfield.

He’d even been to the house.  I don’t remember meeting him(thanks to my seizure, I don’t remember much of anything from the 1970’s) but he knew my dad’s name, was scared crapless of him and loved my mother to death which convinced all of us brothers and sisters.  We’d been there and we’d done that.

He and my sister drifted apart, started their own families and both of them saw their marriages break up. A year or so ago, this guy decided to figure out whatever happened to this person he’d dated back in college.

Long story short, those two reconnected on Facebook.  Nice job, Zuckerberg.  Your little toy made two people very, very happy.


June 26, 2011

I wish your sister well, and for you, Chris, to get another family member who knew and loved your mother is wonderful.

The Little Myrmidon
June 26, 2011

Nice story – happy ending… I have connected with many high school (and a few college) friends on FB. A guy from the class ahead of me in HS is running a virtual class reunion on FB for kiddos that graduated anytime in the 60’s. I’m surprized how well everybody turned out.

(P.S. I run our church’s Facebook fan page, too.)

Paula Loughlin
June 26, 2011

Much happiness to them both.

Kathleen Lundquist
June 26, 2011


Michael D
June 26, 2011

Like any drug, people prone to addiction must take Facebook with care, however…

Dale Matson
June 26, 2011
FW Ken
June 27, 2011

It seems one of life’s rules that the more I dread something, the more I enjoy it. Go figure.

Best wishes to the new couple.

The young fogey
June 27, 2011

Wonderful story. Thank you.

June 27, 2011

Great story, Chris. Much belated happiness for your sister. And like you, I hate to waste a good bad mood! Fr. Dale, I could retitle your post “Why I’m not on Facebook” And it reinforces my horror that my 11-year-old grandaughter has been allowed to have her own account — as have many of her friends. (Parents fudged their ages.) I’ve told her it’s “broken” on our computer — she didn’t argue so she knows why I don’t approve.

Dale Matson
June 27, 2011


(Parents fudged their ages.) And what does that teach her?

June 27, 2011

Exactly! (sorry, Chris, this thread is supposed to be about your sister!)

Lone Star
June 27, 2011

Very happy for your family, Chris.

Facebook has had a profound effect on our family: my hubby’s unknown daughter found us through Facebook.

Her mother would never tell her who her dad was, but did drop a few hints. The daughter put these hints together and dug deeper. We were contacted initially by our new son-in-law and learned that not only did we have another daughter and a son-in-law, but also a granddaughter!! They contacted us last year during Easter Week and we met face-to-face last June.

We are thrilled by how Facebook brought us all together.

June 27, 2011

Thanks for posting this. It made me so happy to know you had such a great reunion with your family.

Many blessings for your sister and her new bridegroom for a wonderful marriage and many years together!

May there be many more joyful reunions for you and your family. May God the true Father gather, heal and keep each of you in His love and peace and make you all one in Him.

Dale Matson
June 27, 2011

Sorry if I put a damper on your story with my comments. Your story is definitely a Facebook triumph. Congratulations.

June 28, 2011

I appreciate the story. Thanks. Congrats & Godspeed to sis & family!

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