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What say we pay another visit to Roman Catholic turned Episcopalian turned God-only-knows-what-these-days Matthew Fox, or as some of us like to refer to him, Christianity’s Senile Grandfather?  What’s Matt been up to lately?  Quite a bit, actually.  Seems he’s got a book on Pope Benedict XVI coming out:

The Pope’s War offers a provocative look at three decades of corruption in the Catholic Church, focusing on Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, and how the devastation the past two papacies has wrought can be a blessing in disguise to reinvent Christianity for a third millennium.

Matt’s got issues with Benedict.

An internationally acclaimed theologian who was a member of the Dominican Order for thirty-four years, Matthew Fox was forbidden to teach theology by the then-cardinal in 1988 and was later dismissed from the order. Now he presents insights from his twelve-year, up-close-and-personal battle with Ratzinger, tracing the historical roots of degradation in the Church and offering a new way to understand why Benedict XVI is mired in crisis as pope.

Serious issues.

Fox begins with Ratzinger’s life story as a youth and as an upcoming theologian at the Second Vatican Council as well as his “conversion” from progressive thinker to ecclesial climber and chief inquisitor. Also covered are eight of the 110 theologians that Ratzinger silenced and denounced. He next turns to Ratzinger’s allies—Opus Dei,

Cool!  Albino monks!

the Legion of Christ, and Communion and Liberation—three of the special groups that he praised and protected for years while attacking theologians and spiritual movements that did not fit his criteria of über right-wing politics and religiosity.

Let’s just say that you took your worst break-up WAY better than Matt took getting run from the Dominicans.

As Bruce Chilton points out in his Forward, I am not just a pundit; I am not a journalist per se.  I am a theologian. 

Of what, I have no idea.

As a theologian I am trying to ponder how the recent events of Catholic history can be seen through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. Is there some good that come out of so much anguish, so much betrayal, so much disappointment with the false direction the church has taken under Pope John Paul II and Ratzinger?  And I come to a clear conclusion that Yes, the Holy Spirit is still at work in the events of deconstruction and reconstruction that are at hand.  It is time to restart the church.  Let many of its forms go; let them die as they are doing.

And then what?  Replace them with this hippie crap?

The fact that I stepped out of the Roman Catholic box so that I could think and act more true to my conscience some sixteen years ago gives me more freedom to tell the truth as I see it.  I know many Roman Catholic theologians and sisters and priests who are too busy looking over their shoulders, too engrossed in surviving in a closed system, too weighed down by the “chill” of heresy hunters to be able to speak their truth.  Since the Vatican used the Dominican Order to expel me some sixteen years ago, I am not part of that “chill” that has descended on theology in the church at this moment in history.

Matt’s old standby.  Mention all these people who agree with Matt but aren’t as brave as he is.  Doesn’t much matter whether they actually exist or not what with Matt being as religiously important as he is. 

Also, my work for forty-some years has been in spirituality, not in ecclesiology as such.  Thus my thirty books bring to the fore, I believe, the most important direction that religion needs to go in its reconstruction—that is spirituality, the experiential dimension of religion.   The mystical-prophetic tradition I have been recovering including the Cosmic Christ, Hildegard, Aquinas, Eckhart, Julian and others, together with today’s post-modern science, offers new and deeper expressions of healthy religion.  They are among the treasure to take from the burning building.

The old coot’s intellectually invested in this twaddle so I guess that’s why he doesn’t seem to realize that people with actual brains are laughing at him.

The fact that I relay my conversation with Fr. Schillebeeckx in which he used the “S” word is very important.  The “S” word rarely gets used these days but I think that Schism properly summarizes what the past two papacies have been about.  They deliberately turned their back on a valid Ecumenical Council and in doing so are in schism.  This means that its appointed cardinals and bishops are in schism. They do not represent the lineage of the church.  This opens up whole new possibilities of seeing the church anew.  All the Yes men and sycophants that have lined up at the papal trough for a piece of the power these recent decades are seen for what they are in their transparent reality.

Roman Catholic Church?  If you’re reading this, and I know you are, I’ve got your next American ad campaign for you.  “The Roman Catholic Church.  We’re so awesome that we can even split from ourselves!”

How would that work ontologically?  Did John Paul II nail up 95 theses somewhere and then excommunicate himself?  Or did Benedict posthumously excommunicate John Paul later and then go through that whole beatification thing to throw off the laity?

I mean, what’s the point of having a schism at all if people don’t know about it?  John Calvin didn’t write the Institutes and then file them away for safe keeping.  Still, I guess the Vatican had a lot on its plate the last decade or so what with ordering the election of George W. Bush in 2004.

When Ratzinger interfered in the US presidential election of 2004 by telling bishops to publicly announce that a Roman Catholic voter cannot vote for a politician (i.e. Kerry) who favors women’s choice and the vote of three states (Iowa, Ohio and New Mexico) was determined by that intervention as studies show, then the fact that the Vatican got Bush elected his second term is of concern for all.

The Vatican.  Ordered the election.  Of a United States president.  Who’s a Methodist.  Either you snackeral mappers are the craftiest people in the history of the world or you’re pretty much at the bottom of the World Domination Conspiracy standings and you’re looking at some long-term rebuilding.

Anyway, you get the idea.  Let’s see, what else?  The doddering old fool is posting theses again.  At the Vatican this time.  The following will give you some idea of how well that went for him.

I especially wonder if Stephano the filmer got the attack by the Vatican thugs of the second film maker on film?

Matt’s got a rich fantasy life, you have to give him that.

How right Barbara was about 1) Vatican police dictating orders to Roman police and 2) the thugs that are policing the Vatican these days. Just as I learned after my Wittenberg action how much darker the Vatican was than I had anticipated, so with this Italian, Roman, action, I learned how much darker still were the forces and veritable police state ruling not only Vatican City but, in many respects, Rome itself.  Penny Lernoux’ words are chilling: “Ratzinger is only a front man for the German-Polish mafia,” she said.  Or Barbara’s words: “The Vatican is run by a gang of mafia thugs.”

Told you my man has issues.

Our videographers and photographers were taking pictures of the police videographers and photographers and vice versa.  It was like a scene from old East Germany.  The Stasi.  That was the feeling emanating from the Vatican police.

Before we began, one man came up to me who was about 44 years old and said: “I no longer call myself a Catholic but simply a Christian.”

Nah, he was 46 if he was a day.

Their final act was to keep the thug Vatican cops demanding my papers engaged while one of their group quietly slipped away, came rapidly up to me and said “walk away fast” to the taxi stand at the side of the church.

Prolly cranked up some Judas Priest on the way back to the hotel, dincha?  “Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law…”  Anyhoo, emetic fans might enjoy this.  A megalomanical old fraud writes another megalomanaical old fraud.

Your book, Original Blessing, was the work that first brought you to my attention. It was in many ways a breathtaking book because it challenged the core of the primary interpretative Christian myth that proclaimed the basic fallen sinfulness of human life. That myth had been used historically primarily to enhance the power of the institutional church and its ordained hierarchy. In the service of that myth the church was destined first and foremost to be the dispenser of guilt. Someone has observed that the church “does guilt” more successfully does anything else, and guilt is, as one person noted. “ the gift that keeps on giving .”

To convince people of their on unworthiness is step one in creating a controlling mentality, especially when the church claims to be the only dispenser of forgiveness. It was also this definition of human life as fallen and hopeless that inspired the interpretation of the Christ as the Divine Rescuer. This, in turn, caused Christians to view the cross as a human sacrifice which would be pleasing to God who required a blood offering in order to restore the fallen world. It was and is a strange way to tell the story of the love of God found in Jesus Christ, but for centuries we Christians seemed to know no others. Finally, and in no small measure because of your work, we awakened to the reality that this way of proclaiming Christ presented us with a God more grotesque than worship worthy.

This gets even dumber so I’d stop right there if I were you.

40 Comments to IT’S THE MATTHEW FOX SHOW!!

May 27, 2011

Why do these people when they leave can’t leave us alone. They are such sad figures.

Christopher Johnson
May 27, 2011

Matt’s always good for comedy relief. I wish I could still link to his meltdown when Cardinal Ratzinger was elected to the papacy. Off the freaking charts.

Donald R. McClarey
May 27, 2011

“Matt’s only good for comedy relief.”

Fixed it for you Christopher! 🙂

May 27, 2011

The Episcoplains/Anglicans are so keen on getting one over the Catholics that they accept any ex-catholic regardless, even if they are no longer Christian. So no one shuld feel sorry for them for always aways getting the short end of the stick in any exchange.

Now can someone please explain: Is brear Fox whinging about getting shut down and turfed out by Ratzinger, JP II and the Dominicans from his teaching positions within the Catholic Church or glorifying himself for “The fact that I stepped out of the Roman Catholic box so that I could think and act more true to my conscience some sixteen years ago gives me more freedom to tell the truth as I see it”. Did he jump or was he pushed?

But then why is he still seeking affirmation from the Catholics? The whole exercise is no more than an attention seeking exercise under the guise of demonstrating to the the Church what a great treasure it has lost out on by rejecting Fox and his teachings. Why, he is the equivalent of the Second Coming, and like the Jewish not recognising and rejecting the First Coming, the Catholic Church is repeating the same mistake with the Second.

Government Drone
May 27, 2011

“The ‘S’ word rarely gets used these days but I think that Schism properly summarizes what the past two papacies have been about.”

So, did he excommunicate the Church, or did It excommunicate Itself?

“The Vatican. Ordered the election. Of a United States president. Who’s a Methodist.”

Who says Catholics aren’t interested in ecumenism anymore?

“…the German-Polish mafia…”

Words fail me at this point.

“…caused Christians to view the cross as a human sacrifice …”

Jesus was merely human?

May 27, 2011

LaVallette, If the Anglican/Episcopals only get RC trash, how do you explain Rome taking Tony Blair off the Anglicans hands? Or the exit of so many from the RC over the behavior of your infallible bishops, priests, etc.?

As for Fox, he is a true Spongian and always has been a Spongian libertine, writing it as he goes along, doing whatever the hell he wants, probably practicing ‘gay, bi or multi-sexual’ one would guess.

But, he is an RC product, trained in RC schools and seminaries (St. John’s California?) and ordained by RC bishops. The RC is responsible for his formation. Thank God, they had the integrity to expell him…but not the other ‘gays’ huddled under the radar.

What the RC needs most for her own soul and salvation is a viable working truthful theology of human identity, a more realistic ecclesiology, a lot of humility and repentance. The one true, infallible supreme church and priests pose just ain’t working, ain’t true and will be her downfall. Hypocrisy, self-exaltation, hiding ‘gays’ among her priests, putting priests above the sheep, etc. are destroying the RC.

The young fogey
May 27, 2011

Why do these people, when they leave, not leave us alone?

Why is he still seeking affirmation from the Catholics?


Because in his heart he knows they’re right.

May 27, 2011

PS – I’m proud of the Pope for closing the libertine monastery in Rome with the former lap-dancing nun.

However, revival of the old Latin Masses is the not answer to the problems in the RC.

Here is one ray of hope from two RC bishops ten years apart.

Bishop Cupich writes in America Magazine: “This will require on the part of the bishops a great deal of humility, the kind required to admit that we needed the help provided by the National Review Board, John Jay College and so many others. It is also the kind of humility expressed in the confession of faults nearly a decade ago by Bishop Wilton Gregory, then president of the bishop’s conference:

Our God-given duty as shepherds of the Lord’s people holds us responsible and accountable to God and to the church for the spiritual and moral health of all of God’s children, especially those who are weak and most vulnerable. It is we who need to confess, and so we do.

We are the ones, whether through ignorance or lack of vigilance or, God forbid, with knowledge, who allowed priest abusers to remain in ministry and reassigned them to communities where they continued to abuse.

We are the ones who chose not to report the criminal actions of priests to the authorities, because the law did not require this. We are the ones who worried more about the possibility of scandal than bringing about the kind of openness that helps prevent abuse.

And we are the ones who, at times, responded to victims and their families as adversaries and not as suffering members of the church.

We should keep close to our hearts the humility and deep remorse expressed in these words nearly a decade ago. The children deserve no less.”

The sexual abuse scandal has revealed few heroes and many horrors among the RC hierarcy. Some are still hiding secrets and sexual deviants, but the actions of deviants are compulsive and so they cannot control their behavior. They will be caught eventually.

The notion of ‘once a priest, always a priest’ and the separation and elevation of priests above laity is a dangerous thing. It can place priests and pastors in a place where pride, entitlement, isolation and lack of transparency, accountability, support and fellowship can destroy them. Couple that with bishops who are insulated, overprivileged, exalted CEOs not shepherds, and you have vulnerable priests. Add the fact that some were not whole, with complete identities, had been abused themselves and not healed, were not fully converted to Christ before ordination, and there is a recipe for clergy sexual abuse.

Yes, teachers, coaches and parents who abuse more than clergy, but, clergy of all people are supposed to be facilitators of restoration not destruction of the soul. Abuse by clergy happens because those who are charged with the cure of souls have not been pure of soul.

May 27, 2011

If Matthew Fox was silenced by Cardinal Ratzinger in 1988 and he’s been engaged in a twelve-year battle with him, that only brings us up to 2000 so what was he doing for the last ten years?

Silencing 110 theologians, working his way up to Chief Inquisitor, supporting special secret groups to be his personal army, interfering in American elections (so that’s the reason for all the hanging chads!) and fronting up his very own Polish-German mafia (I’m sure the native Italian one took that very badly) – the more I hear, the more I’m liking Benedict XVI. Now all that’s necessary for the finishing touches on the whole Global Domination Thing is that he has to start wearing the tiara once more –
oh, look!


May 27, 2011

It just hit me – Matthew Fox, sedevacantist!

Wow, he has something in common with the more extreme fringes who consider that there hasn’t been a valid Pope since before John XXIII!

May 27, 2011

Thanks for referencing that “cosmic mass” crap again. Now I can’t get “Tainted Love” out of my head. Curses!!!!

May 27, 2011

@ Whitestone:

As to your first Post:

So: Are we to be damned for the formation of Fox or lauded for expelleing him!! As to the balance in the exchange, the record shows we are way ahead both in numbers and quality.

AS to the rest: You are no Saint Catherine of Siena. When we need your advice we will ask for it and that is most unlikely.

Michael D
May 27, 2011

Thanks Fuinseoig, I learned a new word. And such a useful one. 🙂

post-modern science??? “Had to look that one up”:

Postmodern science challenges the modern ideal of the neutral scientist who applies formal rules of deduction to develop theories that objectively explain empirical data. Alongside feminist (and other) critiques of metanarratives, it emphasizes the local contextual factors (i.e., language, culture, gender) that shape the theory-formation and practices of scientists. Modern (and especially positivist) science was characterized by a strong distinction between the objective (hard) sciences and the subjective (soft) sciences. Insofar as postmodern science blurs these boundaries and recognizes the overlap between explanation and understanding in divergent forms of human rationality, it helps to foster the dialogue between science and religion.

So I think he’s referring to the work of philosophers like Luce Irigaray who called Principia a “rape manual” and was concerned that e=mc2 is a “sexist equation” because it “privileges the speed of light over other speeds that are vitally necessary to us.”

Or is he referring to O’Murchu’s book Quantum Theology which is neither science nor theology, asserting that “quantum theology abhors the human tendency to attribute literal significance to the sacred writings of the various religions.”

Matthew Fox, cosmic mess.

May 27, 2011

Darn it, this post is so good but so long that I lost track of all the things I wanted to say! First, Fuinseoig has it right: M-Fox as sedevacantist. You’ve heard about it on the right (SSPX…) now look on the left. Second, once you’re there on the left, notice just how many of Fox/Spong/Curran’s generation try desperately to prove they remain relevant and insightful.

‘Cuz they ain’t, as we’d say back home.

Third, every single left-leaning theologian plays this “nobody knows the troubles with the Vatican/hierarchy I’ve seen” blues riff–and every single one of them will turn around and deny conservatives (i.e., anybody to the right of them) any similar rhetorical. It’s all about THEM. Oh Lord deliver us…

Steve T.
May 27, 2011

Now he presents insights from his twelve-year, up-close-and-personal battle with Ratzinger

I imagine the Foxmeister imagines his up-close-and-personal battle with Ratzinger much like this:

May 27, 2011

Let’s not forget: the Vatican ordered the election of a Methodist president OVER HIS CATHOLIC RIVAL. If that’s not ecumenism, I don’t know what is.

May 27, 2011

Matthew Fox reminds me of nothing so much as a sixteen-year-old who’s just been kicked off a fanfic forum for starting trouble and consequently screams, “But the lurkers support me in e-mail!!!1”

The sixteen-year-old, of course, has the excuse of being a teenager and influenced by immaturity, hormones, and the seductive influence of online fora to start arguments; Mr. Fox, on the other hand… well…

May 27, 2011

The old geezer emerges from the sweat lodge with Starhawk to enlighten us again! Another feather in the hat for Anglicanism. Another public service announcement to make people see the difference between Anglicanism and Christianity. If Arius had a publisher and access to NPR (where he recently got to spew for a long interview with a very sympathetic host) he wouldhave had a longer career.

Sean D
May 27, 2011

One more thing Whitestone, the Bishops and Priests are not considered infallible, just the Pope. I have always found that ravings should be accurate, it makes them more interesting.

Smurf Breath
May 27, 2011

When Ratzinger interfered in the US presidential election of 2004 by telling bishops to publicly announce that a Roman Catholic voter cannot vote for a politician (i.e. Kerry) who favors women’s choice and the vote of three states (Iowa, Ohio and New Mexico) was determined by that intervention as studies show, then the fact that the Vatican got Bush elected his second term is of concern for all.

This is what depresses me the most about the lefties. Voters aren’t adults who have the right to make their own decisions. Therefore ideally their votes shouldn’t be counted. Only people who agree with US! They would never consider re-evaluating or nuancing their views. Anyone who disagrees with them has evidently been brainwashed in some secret Jack T. Chickesque room in the Vatican basement.

But in reality, all their protestations to the contrary, the leftists are the ones who wish to replace critical thinking with blind fideism to whatever perverted nonsense they spout. The best proof is that if you disagree, they will not mount a positive case for their views or engage in a lengthy give and take. They will change the subject, shift the goalposts, spit poison, equivocate, demonize, anything in order to avoid addressing the real issues at hand.

Paula Loughlin
May 27, 2011

“An internationally acclaimed theologian”

Thanks for the laugh of the day.

Paula Loughlin
May 27, 2011

Good Lord, the man is an egomaniacal delusional self promoting whore who could be the basis for a whole new category of disorder in the DSM V.

Zach Frey
May 27, 2011

It just hit me – Matthew Fox, sedevacantist!

Yeah, I noticed that too. The irony is astounding, isn’t it?

FW Ken
May 27, 2011

revival of the old Latin Masses is the not answer to the problems in the RC.

It’s not intended to be.

The Tridentine Mass is a good in and of itself, nourishing the souls of many. I’m not a devotee myself, but glad it’s there for those who feed on it.

Martial Artist
May 27, 2011


You asked:

how do you explain Rome taking Tony Blair off the Anglicans hands?

The answer is simple. The Catholic Church will accept all sorts of sinners, including publicly prominent ones like Blair and Gingrich. There is no perfect church because we are all sinners and fall short of the Glory of God.

But you may notice that unlike those going in the opposite direction, [i]i.e.[/i] from Rome toward Canterbury ([i]e.g.]/i], Cuti*eacute;), Rome is rather more careful as to who gets a set of keys to the building.

[i]Pax et bonum[/i],
Keith Töpfer

Martial Artist
May 27, 2011


“…direction, i.e., from Rome toward Canterbury (e.g., Cutié),…”

Ed the Roman
May 27, 2011

It’s the difference between whom a hospital admits and whom it gives privileges to.

Kathleen Lundquist
May 27, 2011

Good Lord. So much stupid, so little time… but thanks, Paula – you hit it pretty much on the head. This fellow has reingested so much of his intellectual regurgitation that I fear he’s permanently changed his brain chemistry and is now locked in these sad paranoid delusions.

I was pleased to note this, though:
… Ratzinger’s allies—Opus Dei, the Legion of Christ, and Communion and Liberation—three of the special groups that he praised and protected for years … that … fit his criteria of über right-wing politics and religiosity.

I’ve been hangin’ with Communion & Liberation (CL for short) here in Portland for almost 5 years now – I love the movement, and now I’m off to our annual Fraternity Exercises this weekend.

Matthew Fox hates me along with the Pope! Awesome!

Christopher Johnson
May 27, 2011

Matt’s good that way, innee? Matthew Fox. Your best entertainment value.


Don Janousek
May 27, 2011

The “…German-Polish mafia?”

“Hey, vergiss es!” or “Leave the gun, bring the kaczka.”

Works either way.

This guy defines the meaning of self-parody. Leading candidate for “Maroon of the Year!”

Christopher Johnson
May 27, 2011

Janousek? “Leave the gun, bring the kaczka?” Really? Shoot me a mailing address, big man, and you’ve got yourself a copy of my book if you want one.

ann r
May 27, 2011

Even his favorites don’t meet his “standards.” He edited Hildegarde like Episcopalians edit St. Paul. In his version only the stuff Hildegarde wrote that he agreed with got included. As for the Legion, John Paul II was keen on the them, but Benedict XVI got rid of Maciel. So even Fox’s recent history is faulty. I guess in his version of “Fox’s Book of Martyrs” he’s the chief one.

May 27, 2011

Okay, you know, I’m weak-willed and fallible, so I just couldn’t resist.

“The mystical-prophetic tradition I have been recovering including the Cosmic Christ, Hildegard, Aquinas, Eckhart, Julian and others, together with today’s post-modern science, offers new and deeper expressions of healthy religion.”

Aquinas, Aquinas… hmmm, what has my homie Big T got to say about stuff like the religious life? Let’s pull a few plums out of the Summa, shall we?

“Article 5. Whether obedience belongs to religious perfection?

…I answer that, As stated above (A2,3) the religious state is a school and exercise for tending to perfection. Now those who are being instructed or exercised in order to attain a certain end must needs follow the direction of someone under whose control they are instructed or exercised so as to attain that end as disciples under a master. Hence religious need to be placed under the instruction and command of someone as regards things pertaining to the religious life; wherefore it is said (VII, qu. i, can. Hoc nequaquam): “The monastic life denotes subjection and discipleship.” Now one man is subjected to another’s command and instruction by obedience: and consequently obedience is requisite for religious perfection.”

Sorry, Matthew, but it would appear that Tommy-boy says your superiors in the Dominicians were perfectly entitled to tell you “My way or the highway” sixteen years ago, and if you chose the highway, that was less worthy of you than submitting in holy obedience.

“Article 8. Whether the vow of obedience is the chief of the three religious vows?

…Reply to Objection 3. The Pope cannot dispense a religious from his vow of obedience so as to release him from obedience to every superior in matters relating to the perfection of life, for he cannot exempt him from obedience to himself. He can, however, exempt him from subjection to a lower superior, but this is not to dispense him from his vow of obedience.”

Pope says “Jump”, you say “How high, Holy Father?” so long as you’re in a religious community. I’m not seeing a huge amount of “Power to unfettered intellectual freedom and untrammelled enquiry!” here, I have to say, Matthew.


Michael D
May 27, 2011

Kaczka is a duckling, right?

What is Janousek talking about?

The young fogey
May 27, 2011

Re: teen kicked off fanfic forum, LOL, brilliant.

To be fair to the Episcopalians there’s a difference between the real ones, the old WASPs who’ve been functional unbelievers since the ‘Enlightenment’ but more or less going through the motions of Christianity (like at the royal wedding) and this loudmouth poseur, a wayward Catholic with daddy issues.

Cutié seems not to want to mouth off at the Pope as much. He got what he wanted: he’s still Padre Alberto, ¡superstar! So he’s fairly happy. The Episcopalians literally gave him another pulpit and he’s grateful.

May 28, 2011

Late here, just home from a long trip. You all have done so well with this! It has never occurred to Fox & Co. that they themselves contributed heavily to the recent problems the Catholic Church has been experiencing. Loudly-expressed lack of faith has a debilitating effect.

May 28, 2011

So Matthew Fox has discovered the hermeneutic of continuity and declared his love and obedience to the Council of Trent. Heh, guess all his namedropping about Aquinas and Julian of Norwich may actually bear fruit after a while, as they bend their attention to studying how to get through his thick skull.

The sad thing is that, with Fox as with many others, he doesn’t understand how much of the stuff he likes is consonant with the stuff Ratzinger likes. Our little pope has done a huge amount of stuff about mysticism and Christ in the cosmos. But Ratzinger the theologian is willing to draw out good stuff from his opponents’ work, but they don’t seem to be able to read his stuff (in the person of pope or the person of Joe Theologian) at all.

On the bright side, I just realized that “Joe Theologian” is actually an accurate title for our current Holy Father. 🙂

Laura R.
May 28, 2011

“Matt’s always good for comedy relief. I wish I could still link to his meltdown when Cardinal Ratzinger was elected to the papacy. Off the freaking charts.”

Christopher, your fisk on that event was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read anywhere. I think I saved it on my old computer — I may have to dig the thing out and see if I can read it again.

Don Janousek
May 28, 2011

Michael D:
Scene from “The Godfather.”

Cannoli – Italian mafia
Fox referred to the Polish mafia – duck or duckling for dinner.


Richard M
June 1, 2011

1. He next turns to Ratzinger’s allies—Opus Dei,the Legion of Christ, and Communion and Liberation…

This doesn’t even pass the laugh test. All three organizations were mainly projects of John Paul II, and Ratzinger has turned out to be the flail of the Legion, ordering the investigation that finally disgraced Maciel and put the order into receivership. An “ally?” Hardly.

2. There’s a de facto schism in the Catholic Church all right, but it’s Mr. Fox who was on the wrong side of it. But in fairness, he had the decency to follow his convictions out of the Catholic Church, which is more than can be said for many of his like-minded colleagues who continue the battle from within.

To my Anglican/Episcopalian friends: My apologies that Matt is polluting your side of the Tiber now with his hippy universalism. Even comedy relief only goes so far.

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