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Headquarters informs me that this joint will be going down for about four hours or so some time this evening so if you can’t get through, don’t panic.  Good for me since it’ll give me time to work on the brand-new CJ:AI some more.  But if anything needs blogging during that period, it’ll be posted here:


5 Comments to QUICK REMINDER

Dale Price
August 30, 2010

Glad it’s back on line–I was starting to worry a little bit.

Christopher Hathaway
August 30, 2010

I guess headquarters didn’t tell you which four hours you’d be down. It was looking like your existence had been erased.

How much power does her imperiousness have?

Christopher Johnson
August 30, 2010

Greg makes this call.

Christopher Hathaway
August 30, 2010

Sorry Chris. I didn’t mean to imply Miss Hey, who can at times skirt the edges of imperial humor. I was making a too thickly veiled reference to the flying monkey queen of The Episcopal Communion.

Christopher Johnson
August 30, 2010

Should have picked up on that one, CH. Nice.


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