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Don’t look now but I think my other site just outlived its usefulness.  Give it up for the single dumbest liturgical vestment ever.

12 Comments to BISHOP Q*BERT

August 29, 2010

I was just reading an article about how the Roman Catholics have just formally un-70’s-ed their liturgical translations. No more “And also with you”, rather “And with thy spirit” is back. Recall 35 years ago the Episcopalians were scrambling through several colors of prayerbooks to follow Roman liturgical language as quickly as possible. They are now abandoned to the 70’s! This can only be the cause of the vestment. That is the decade of reference for Episcopalians. Kumbayah, y’all. Does Robinson drive a Pacer to church? (I’m assuming this is an ECUSA vestment?)

Christopher Johnson
August 29, 2010

No, I think my correspondent told me this person is Mathodist.

Daniel Muller
August 29, 2010
Michael D
August 29, 2010

Sometimes, you know, your cousin makes something for you – a Christmas sweater, for example, or a stole. And she went to a lot of work, so you put it on and smile, and somebody clicks a picture. If it is a treasured Aunt, maybe you even wear it once in public when she is visiting…

August 30, 2010

Maybe he was tired of people putting quarters in the donation plate?

Mark Windsor
August 30, 2010

Yeah, this is a person and a religion to be taken seriously.

The Pilgrim
August 30, 2010

My wife — who is Methodist (for now) has been watching her denomination circle the drain for a couple of years now. This picture shoud convince her to pull the plug once and for all, if that’s not mixing too many analogies.

August 30, 2010


Christopher Johnson
August 30, 2010

Mike? I’d go along with you if it was a tie. Or if it was a stole or chausuble the kids in Vacation Bible School made. But some professional person or other thought it was a good idea to make a stole with Pac-Man on it. This isn’t your aunt visiting you. This is the worship of God. So if I were a clergyman and somebody gave me that, I hope I’d have the honesty to tell them, “Listen, thanks for the gift, I really appreciate it. But I just can’t wear this during worship.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
August 30, 2010

And now for something completely different:

This link will take you to a blog dedicated to the renewal of the Roman liturgy. For the most part I enjoy it, however Anglicans are generally not dealt with favorably. This article about Sir Ninian Comper and the vestments produced by the Anglican Sisters if Bethany is an exception. Feast your eyes!

Michael D
August 30, 2010

Well, Chris, my other choice was to think that someone thought this appropriate liturgical wear. Just couldn’t face that possibility yet…

Holy shamoli.

st. anonymous
August 31, 2010

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