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Tim Blair lays Chuckles out.

5 Comments to “A LEFT UP TO THE JAW!!”

Ed the Roman
August 29, 2010

Johnson morphed from an epic right-wing blogger to a guy who causes me to back away from the scope, slowly.

August 29, 2010

Oh, that Chuckles! Johnson was a left-winger who gained some sanity following 9/11, and has gradually lost it again. He found that there are a few nuts on the right. Soon he began seeing only nuts on the right, and he doesn’t seem able to see the nuts on the left, of which he has become one. Pity.

Allen Lewis
August 29, 2010

I never read LGF unless our genial host gave it a mention. So I have no history with Charles Johnson (It’s a pity he has the same initials as our host. Chris can you sue him for Defamation of Initials or something?)

That being said, he reads just like any other Lefty Wingnut who has a Pavlovian reaction to any news about Conservative Rallies and the attendance figures for them.

One wonders what happened that turned him to the Dark Side, but I am not going to waste a whole lot of time, nor loose a whole lot of sleep over this.

Now if our CJ went Bat-Crap Bonkers on us, I would consider that to be a sign of the impending Second Coming!! 😛

Ky Catholic
August 30, 2010

I used to love reading LGF and I often commented, but poor Charles has lost his mind. I pray for him.

Christopher Hathaway
August 30, 2010

I used to read him too, until I saw that his level of respect for disagreement and rational argument was worse than the Daily Kos. The commenters he encourages resemble a lynch mob. I never knew he was liberal before, but it shows now.

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