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Not to go all armchair sommelier on the readership or anything but it seems to me that proclaiming to the world that your Sauvignon Blanc was a double gold medal winner at the 2009 Houston Livestock and Rodeo show is not the strongest of selling points.  True story; saw it at the store about half an hour ago.

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August 29, 2010

Makes one wonder just what’s in that sauvignon. Back in my Arizona youth, rodeo crowds were not wine drinkers. Times have changed, of course.

FW Ken
August 29, 2010

That shows how little you know of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. There are some very rich people in Houston and they are very big on that particular event.

And check this out: Elvis Presley performed there in ’70 AND ’74

Timothy Fountain
August 29, 2010

It’s not even a good pairing for red meat. Unless they were herding sushi up from Galveston or something.

August 29, 2010

Best ask The Anglican Curmudgeon – He will know. He’s both an oenophile and producer of fine wines…and a Westerner to boot. So much so that his daughter’s groom and groomsmen wore Stetsons at their wedding.

If anyone will know how serious and worthwhile this competition is, Mr. Allan Haley, Esquire will.

From the site, you can see that the Rodeo is a BIG deal like everything else in Texas. Moreover, they do some real good with all that moo-lah …there are currently nearly 2000 kids on Houston Rodeo scholarships totalling around $26 million.

August 29, 2010

Tim Fountain – but have you tried Calamity Jane Wine from the Black Hills? 😉

Michael D
August 29, 2010

Was it the Vendange Sauvignon Blanc 2007? Because if so, it was not only a double gold medal winner, but also a winner of the coveted Champion Buckle . Not all wines come with a buckle, you know.

Christopher Johnson
August 29, 2010

This one was the 2009 so I don’t know if it got a buckle or not, Mike. And no doubt many fine people grace the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show. But to me, this just seems kind of like getting a bourbon or barbecue sauce recommendation from the American Quilter’s Society.

Dr Alice
August 29, 2010

My first thought on reading this was “Drained straight from the cow pen! From championship cows only!”

August 29, 2010

Hey! Maybe not the bourbon, but lots of those quilting ladies probably make dynamite barbecue.

Llano Estacado
August 29, 2010

Maybe the quilting ladies doen’t know bourbon but I bet the folks who make the vestments at your other site do.

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