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Matt Yglesias?  I don’t want to tell you how to run your site or anything but if a comment like the very first one ever turned up on my site, I’d immediately pull it and then ban the person who posted it.  I certainly wouldn’t leave it up almost ten hours.  Unless, of course, you think that word isn’t racist when liberals use it in which case never mind.

11 Comments to N-BOMB

Damian G,
March 31, 2010

It’s not just the first one. Read comment 159 – which may just be very, very bad satire.

Allen Lewis
March 31, 2010

From the comments posted, I would say Matt likes to run a rambunctious commenting board. This is in contrast to our genteel host’s commenting politcy.

While Chris has never said so directly, there is a certain amount of decorum expected here.

I agree, Chris, trash mouths need to be booted immediately.

FW Ken
March 31, 2010

Mother washed my mouth out with soap twice in my childhood (that I remember). One instance involved calling my sister a liar, which I thought appropriate since she had lied on me. The other time involved my using the “N-bomb”. I don’t use that word, or tolerate it, to this day.

That said, this particular usage didn’t offend me so much, as it was political denigration rather than racial denigration. House servants and field servants in the old south had vastly different roles and relationships with their masters. The term draws on that distinction.

And I do hope Christopher never tolerates the word on this site.

April 1, 2010

No hope of that, FW Ken. Since Chris allows us to use the word “Schori” I have to believe that he’ll let just about anything in, no matter how disgusting.

Dale Matson
April 1, 2010

I think CJ sets the tone of the comments with his sometimes ribald fisking comments interspersed with the particular article. Some folks here have had comments edited on T19 and given up there. This site is not one frequented by many of the liberal bloggers and I am thus less defended in my postings. CJ’s blog has run the razor’s edge between the most clever and funny postings I have read on any blog to Bolded and capitalized tirades that literally shout angry and unnecessary diatribes. Sometimes it seems as if we are engaged in parallel play here. Some comments that I believe are insightful are completely ignored by the rest of the crew. Other comments that are way over the top are allowed to stand unchallenged. My biggest gripe if there really is one is that I don’t get email notifications that I can read without having to go directly to the blog. I also believe T19 has done many of us a favor by not allowing some of our comments to live forever in the blogosphere. This is still my favorite blog.

April 1, 2010

The comment was vile because the commenter name was alleged to be “Michael Steele.” I am not a fan of the current RNC chairman. This, however, was intended as a personal insult using a particularly insulting word for a black man. Sick. Yglesias left it up because he thinks this kind of thing is funny aimed at a Republican, apparently. Leftist standards are not standards; they are always relative to the target. Left-wing target, must be very careful; right-wing target, anything goes.

Ed the Roman
April 1, 2010

I went to the regular site at 011521Z APR 10 and the comment is still there.

FW Ken
April 1, 2010

Katherine –

I didn’t catch the “Michael Steele” reference. That changes my earlier comment.

st. anonymous
April 2, 2010

“Unless…you think that word isn’t racist when liberals use it”


April 2, 2010

What a crock of pelosi.

Christopher Hathaway
April 2, 2010

“Unless…you think that word isn’t racist when liberals use it”

That’s just the point. Only liberals ever use that specific term. It’s like Uncle Tom or “oreo”, meant to question the integrity and authenticity of a black American. Unfortunantely, thinking that all blacks should act alike doesn’t strike liberals as racist.

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