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President Obama signed the Senate health care bill into law Tuesday. He did not sign the executive order on abortion negotiated with Michigan Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak in an 11th-hour arrangement that may well have saved the entire health care reform effort.

A White House official told Fox, Obama will not sign the Executive Order Tuesday and has set no specific date to do so. Stupak predicted Obama would sign the order later this week. The White House said only that Obama would sign the order “soon.”

Stupak released a statement today defending the as-yet-unsigned executive order, placing it on a list of other significant orders that included Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation Proclamation and Harry Truman’s 1948 order desegregating the U.S. armed forces.

“Throughout history, Executive Orders have been an important means of implementing public policy,” Stupak said in a statement. “The most famous Executive Order was the Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Lincoln in 1863.”

Or disingenuous crapweasel.

I don’t think I ever voted to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood does not do abortions…in my district. Planned Parenthood has a number of clinics in my district that provide health care for my people. Therefore, these clinics do quite well in my district, and I’m all for health care and extending it to everybody–access to health care, so that’s just another way. Also on Planned Parenthood , when they do it, there is a segregation of funds that go with it. It’s usually about four hundred million they tried to de-fund on Planned Parenthood. Maybe this time, I’ll look at it again if Pence brings it up. Maybe I’ll vote differently this time, but you’re right I did vote against it.

But I guess there’s no reason why he couldn’t be both.

21 Comments to BART STUPAK

March 23, 2010

In short, he was looking for an excuse to vote “yes,” and pretended this phantom EO was enough. I understand his district is getting some extra money, too. Must be pure coincidence.

Daniel Muller
March 23, 2010

To say that I am disappointed by Stupak would be understating it quite a bit, but I think that as Americans we must ask ourselves: how did it get to the point where we had to pin so much hope on just one member of the House of Representatives?

March 23, 2010

Babies lives on the political auction block. Doesn’t anyone in D.C. fear God’s wrath?

March 23, 2010

700,000 pieces of silver

Dr. Mabuse
March 23, 2010

Stupak predicted Obama would sign the order later this week. The White House said only that Obama would sign the order “soon.”

Krusty is coming. Krusty is coming. Krusty is coming.

FW Ken
March 23, 2010

So he signs it. Executive Orders can be abrogated easily enough. In fact, it’s my understanding that new presidents routinely do so.

Whether the Hyde Amendment will control remains to be seen. What is most likely is that the Republicans will take the Congress in 2010 or 2012 and repeal this garbage. Reuters reports that 14 states have already filed suit against it.

President Obama got what he wanted, but we’ll see if he ends up wanting what he got.

March 23, 2010

Well, I’ll be Stupak-ed! The O-man is practicing Chicago politics. Stupak’s fig leaf is shriveling!

As Gomer Pyle had it, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!”

Donald R. McClarey
March 23, 2010

Stupak is scum. There is simply no prettier way of putting it.

March 23, 2010

Beverage / vomit warning. One can practically hear the usual guff about “Catholic Social Teaching” and “Social Justice” and the famous “Spirit of Vatican II” in that lovely statement of Mr. Stupak’s, can’t one? Planned Parenthood, you know, they’re just like Mother Teresa — they provide medical care for the poor, and who could possibly be against that? Of course they should get tax dollars.

Dreadfully unfair of me, I suppose, but I think Mr. Stupak is more in need of a million postcards bearing graphic photos of dismembered fetuses on one side and the legend “Baby Killer” on the other than Ms. Pelosi or even other supposedly pro-life Democrats, such as Sideshow Bob Casey.

Lord have mercy.

Don Janousek
March 23, 2010

If an Executive Order conflicts with legislation passed by Congress, then the EO falls. Simple law. Otherwise, we would have law by executive fiat and decree. Stupak is both a liar and an idiot. Just like Ben Nelson, our official state “Bozo the Clown” here in Nebraska, he threw away years of support from pro-life groups for a few bucks – in Stupak’s case for a small airport in northern Michigan and a chance to go along with NoBama. One has to believe that his entire pro-life stance, just like that of Nelson, was a ruse from the beginning. Judas Stupakcariot now has the blood of innocent unborn babies on his hands and, like Nobama, is trying to cover our hands with it by making us pay for abortions. Such a twisted, pathetic little man.

Truth Unites... and Divides
March 23, 2010

Lying Libs.

Pat Cordial
March 24, 2010

Dear Bart,you’ve been had……

March 24, 2010

Is it possible that Stupak ran interference for the Demoncratic power brokers to persuade/squeeze fence sitting Demoncrat members of Congress to vote for the Health Care Bill away from the limelight.?

Mark Windsor
March 24, 2010

Don’t matter, really. In four years we’ll be as bankrupt as Greece and Iceland and the whole thing will have to be repealed when we file bankruptcy.

Dale Matson
March 24, 2010

I now don’t believe Stupak was duped. If he was, then it is just as bad because he should know better. He had said that if the health care bill was OK except for abortion that he would vote for it last fall. I saw his statement quoted on Rush Limbaugh’s site. I think he and Obama are no different. Stupak’s position as anti abortion is a myth. He was given false cover for his vote by Obama with the “presidential order”.

Allen Lewis
March 24, 2010

Just another lying liar amidst a whole host of lying liars!

Time to clean House (and Senate!) and start over with term limits!

March 24, 2010

So until the exec order is signed – Stupak really is a baby killer.

Anonymous Anglican
March 24, 2010

Allen – Don’t just throw them all out, throw out all the backroom crap while we’re at it.

Where did we get this legislative process anyway?
Did any of us get this in school? This is not government by the people for the people.

I need a vacation from people. Arrgggghhhh.

Anne B.
March 25, 2010

Will Stupak’s life be an absolute hell from now until he gets his rear end kicked out in November?

One can only hope.

March 25, 2010

So until the exec order is signed – Stupak really is a baby killer.

Once the exec order is signed Stupak is still a baby-killer.

Who wrote the laws that provide the police guards for the abortion ovens, who supports laws allowing insurance policies that pay for your kids to be killed, who created insurance “exchanges” functioning as a stock-market in death, who set up death panels to remove the “unproductive” from Medicare and Medicaid?

Stupak and the Dems.

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